Friday, January 27, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Matt Bomer To GLEE! Betty White Back? Bebe Neuwirth Recurs On THE GOOD WIFE

Matt Bomer to guest star on GLEE
The former GUIDING LIGHT star will appear in April as Blaine's older brother. And he will sing!

Alley Mills Gets Busted on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
"Betty White told me they've asked her to return to the show even though her character is dead. I don't know how they can do that. She'll probably be haunting Pam in the mirror."

Soap Operas With a Social Message
Every Sunday evening, seven million Kenyans sit in front of their television sets to watch MAKUTANO JUNCTION, a soap opera set in a fictional village. By placing characters in situations not uncommon to the audience, producers hope viewers will think twice before spending money on alcohol rather than on lifesaving medicine.

Bebe Neuwirth will recur on THE GOOD WIFE
The actress and singer will play Judge Friend, described as a sexy woman with a stern manner and little patience for joking around. She’s assigned to a case involving a battle for control of a large equity group and is placed in a rather awkward position when the top witnesses for both sides appear to be totally guilty of perjury.

BUFFY Alum Azura Skye Takes Flight on GRIMM
Skye will play a kind, mild-mannered bed and breakfast owner named Robin Steinkeller, who also happens to be a Seltenvogel (an extremely rare bird-like creature). Robin has something very valuable to many in the Wesen world, and Nick (David Giuntoli) finds her in a panic to escape her abusive husband.

Demi Moore’s Long Time Cougar Past Surfaces
ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT has dug up the first interview they ever did with the actress in 1982 while she was at a restaurant celebrating GENERAL HOSPITAL co-star Philip Tanzini's 15th birthday — and booze wasn't the only thing hitting Demi's lips. Tanzini played Jeremy on GH.

A profile of former ONE LIFE TO LIVE star and singer/songwriter Bill Anderson
He spent a few seasons on the daytime soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE playing a fictional version of himself.

Longtime extra Lottie Goodwin celebrates 100th birthday with EMMERDALE's Chris Chittell
Chittell said walk-on extras "are on their feet all the time and Lottie only left EMMERDALE eight months ago. That shows the measure of the woman. She is a joy, always upbeat and never complains."

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