TWITTER PICKS: Today's Fun Photos are from Tamara Braun, Camila Banus, Ingo Rademacher, Charles Shaughnessy and Kelly Sullivan

Below are some of our favorite recent Twitter photos from soap stars. Post your own favorites in our Comments section.

Tamara Braun
"East Wing at the #WhiteHouse awaiting #KennedyCenter honorees and the president of the USA."

Camila Banus
"I'm a turtle (:"

Ingo Rademacher
"Good morning from set. :-)"

Charles Shaughnessy
"Post-prandial Christmas singalong!!"

Kelly Sullivan
"Why am I the only one with a name tag? @lisalocicerogh @jen_lilley"


  1. ummm who can explain why an out of work soap actress is at the Kennedy Center Honors? Or is that how desperate our POTUS has become for seat fillers?

  2. Let me guess--you're a republican???