Friday, December 2, 2011

WATCH: New Episode Of THE BAY - Skeletons In The Closet

On this week's new episode of THE BAY, Lee (Paul Satterfield) struggles with ghosts from his past with Sara (Mary Beth Evans) while Zoey (Taylor Stanley) beams when her father, Harold (Jed Allan), gives his blessings. Mayor Jack Madison (Nicolas Coster) pays a visit to the worried Capt. Elliott Sanders (Charle Shaughnessy) in search of answers, as a very drugged Lianna (Jade Harlow) tries to seduce Peter (Kristos Andrews), much to Marly's (Martha Madison) dismay.

But will Zoey's wedding to Brian go off without anymore skeletons coming out of the closet?

Find out when you watch the latest episode of THE BAY below.

THE BAY The Series is supporting OPERATION HEALTHY AFRICA this holiday season. Ignacio Verrocchio (Manny Ramos) shares the spirit of the season below:

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  1. Not trying to be mean but that episode had MAJOR sound issues. That scene by the boat was so distracting/hard to hear it was crazy. The rest of the episode was really good though.

  2. Agree, the sound issues were back and it was a distraction.

    I loved the flashback, though, and couldn't have been more surprised at the end of the episode! I was surprised Zoey didn't scream, because I would have. And having crazy Lianna back to causing drama was aces.

  3. I loved the scenes between Lee and Sara at the beginning. Angst and longing and sadness, all in one scene.

    Just what I'm looking for, and The Bay has it...

    I'm really enjoying that Lee/Sara thing. Love them! and I love Zoey and Harold, too! I'm not sure Zoey should be marrying Brian. I need to know more before I would be sure. I like Elliot, but I don't care what happens to Isabella.