Monday, November 28, 2011

THE REVOLUTION: ABC Proud to Devolve from Iconic ONE LIFE TO LIVE to This

For those who prefer advice from the likes of a carpenter convicted of driving with a blood alcohol level of .14 percent, or a doctor who has nothing but fake reviews on yelp, to a venerable daytime television institution, ABC offers the following.

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Monday, November 28, 2011
ABC Television Network


New One-Hour Daily Talk Show Will Revolutionize
The Lives of Viewers from the Inside Out

ABC Daytime kicks off the New Year with the highly anticipated, one-hour daily talk show, "The Revolution," set to premiere MONDAY, JANUARY 16 at 2:00 p.m., ET. "The Revolution" features a stellar 'dream team' of experts including Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, who will each provide life changing tips and essential tools to motivate viewers and transform all areas of their lives from the inside out. Additionally, each week the show will highlight one woman's personal journey over the course of five months.

Ty Pennington will offer encouragement and support to help achieve individual goals, as well as share his design expertise to create an environment for a better life. Style guru Tim Gunn will help viewers embrace their individual style to look and feel their best. Celebrity trainer and nutritionist Harley Pasternak will share his "make it count" mantra with tips on how to make healthy choices and incorporate fitness into everyday life. OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a leading women's health expert, will address health concerns and share up-to-the-minute medical information. And Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Ed.D, therapist and relationship expert, will guide women and couples to forge healthier relationships and explore the importance of emotional wellbeing.

"The Revolution" is produced by 3 Ball Productions/Eyeworks USA, the producers of "The Biggest Loser" and ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition." JD Roth and Todd A. Nelson serve as executive producers.

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  1. What is ABC smoking? They are definitely drinking their own Kool Aid... Wow - "highly anticipated"? NOT in my house!!!

  2. If I want fashion advice from a man I will ask for it myself!!

  3. I pray every day this show will fail

  4. BIG yawwwwwwnnnnnnnn..thanks for nothing ABC

  5. I learned in screenwriting school that people only change in drama, not in real life. This show is a sham.

  6. Come on people, everyone thought that The Chew would bomb, and its ratings keep climbing. Up to 2.4 million. About what AMC got and it costs so much less to produce. ABC, Frons and Sweeney are doing the happy dance.

  7. I have so many problems with this.

    A) ABC needs a seriously wake up call. Honestly it's obvious that they are trying to capture the audience that watches shows like this and the Chew, but they fail to understand that this audience already has many more places to watch this kind of programming, with Bravo, AE and HGTV leading the way. These channels not only make episodes ridiculously available through streaming, on-demand and DVDs, they also rebroadcast episodes more frequently, at times in marathons.

    B) ABC aired a show that was kind of like this called Starting Over, except it was less Extreme Makeover with a team than it was about people make changes themselves and sometimes they failed and came back. The show was eventually cancelled after a few years. I can't see that putting on something similar will be more successful.

    C) ABC is clearly trying to also replace what they see as being the audience that they had when they carried Oprah and instead of looking at the strengths of its daytime lineup, which are definitely its soaps and finding better ways to support them, they decide to jump on a bandwagon that has completely left behind and down the road.

  8. I don't really care whether or not the new shows succeed or fail. They will do so without me. I will hang in there with GH as long as it lasts; but after that, farewell to anything ABC has to offer.

  9. the Chew's rating r climbing because they've latched it onto the beginning of OLTL... it runs over the 2pm starting time... they are riding on OLTL's ratings... let's see how their ratings r once OLTL goes dark... I bet they tank again!

  10. Unbelievable, immoral, despicable ABCD puts on a shit show like this???? We are MOURNING a classic that can never be replaced. The ignorance of these people cancelling OLTL hatefully shocks me.

  11. Evidently ABC is tripping on some really bad weed and suffering hallucinogenic effects from some bad LSD..... I will not be watching this trash...

  12. Like to know what your counting? The Chew sucks. Not one thing they talk about I have found remotely interesting. I actual feel bad for the ppl making fools of themselves. Those new show has nothing more to offer. God even Oparah realized it was time to get away from this crap. I didn't watch AMC but I faithfully watch OLTO and GH. Guess I 'll pack my bags and actually watch DOOL when it is on instead of TiVo it. You ppl are smoking crack! Daytime TV sucks any more. . I also notice they are running into OLTO time so they can claim they are climbing , when in fact the show is tanking.

  13. Yep, evil triumphs.

    The Chew makes ABC money because it's cheap.

    GH is next to go. Why pretend?

  14. What I don't understand is who their target audience is supposed to be? Supposedly focus groups wanted informative but, they aren't watching it. 12-24 females? Don't think so, they rather watch fake reality shows.

    We cut the cable, cancelled Netflix, although we do have Amazon Prime but, it's not very user friendly for watching anything.

    I can buy one box set of a tv show or movie for less than cable, not to mention there are no commercials!

    The Networks are going to give us what THEY want, not what WE THE PEOPLE want. This is the reason for declining viewership.

    Most people can't afford designer clothes or shop for groceries at Trader Joes to make gourmet meals, much less have time to make it! Real people don't care what Julie Chen thinks about whatever she deems newsworthy.

    Television is dead, it's for them, not us.

    RIP OLTL. Thanks to the cast, crew, producers, writers and staff for continually putting out quality Soap Opera till the end. Best of luck in all your future endeavors and I'm so sorry you guys were treated less than what you are to the fans--Family, a familiar face or place we could always go back and see by simply turning on the television.

    You will be missed.

  15. If I want fashion advice from a man I will look in the mirror; If I want fitness advice I will go to the gym; If I want nutrition/cooking advice I will ask my mom. Gosh, when will these idiots at the networks get it that I don't care what "dream team" experts have to say. I want my ENTERTAINMENT. I certainly won't be watching the Revolution when I get off work.

  16. What is there left to say? This is hardly the first or the last that an executive will make an idiotic decision that will cost the parent company millions of fans/consumers. Yet they keep chugging on. I'm savoring the last few weeks of One Life to Live, which has always been my favorite of all the soaps.

  17. I totally agree with the anger and hurt soap fans are (justifiably) experiencing. However, I think the delivery is just so wrong.

    Reading these comments makes me think of all of the people who were never soap fans yet made unfair blanket statements about daytime dramas and their fans. We're sinking to that same level.

    To condemn a show because on the participants had a DUI just seems so unfair. Would you condemn One Life to Life because Kim Zimmer was a drunk driver? I hope not. Would you condemn Desperate Housewives because Antonio Chavara drove drunk? I hope not. Would you condemn Young and Restless because Kristoff St. John was arrested for DUI?

    I think we should express our disappointment and outrage without sinking to the level of the people who constantly judge us.


  18. I'd like to know who these 2.4 million people are who are watching The Chew. I know this - they are NOT in the desired demographic of 18-49. The View, One Life to Live, and General Hospital remain the highest rated daytime shows for ABC in that demographic. So where is The Chew if it's doing so well? You know, if you don't care about your audience, just say, look, the only thing we care about right now is money. Don't pretend this is for the audience.

  19. I actually will tune in to this show..I like the concept, it's a little smarter than just the biggest loser or other challenge shows, as it's more of a big-picture health thing, so hopefully it lives up to its potential...also I definitely approve of how they use Jack's Mannequin's song "Casting Lines" in the promos (watch one at

  20. All people are very angry and we're not satisfied The Revolution to premiere on ABC Daytime January 16, 2012 next. One Life to Live will continue and will stay on air on ABC Daytime and help revive All My Children against The Chew. The Chew and The Revolution should be destroyed this year December 2011.

  21. Soaps are not dead, Revenge is a "nighttime" soap that has huge ratings. Maybe they should be called saga's or series now instead of soaps. Same idea. The execs are trying to turn us into that old Jim Carey movie "The Truman Show" where they have staged "reality" shows. What is wrong with a little escape and fun from the routine. What about all those senior citizens that are shut in and live for the few hours of escape their soaps offer them from their life. Do you think they will appreciate the types of shows being offered to them now when they are fed by the nursing homes and attended to by doctors of their own? Tv in general these days is just awful with the exception of the HBO and SHO time special series. That is all I will watch now. No ABC at all not even my local news. I can get that on the internet anyway.

  22. Thanks right now I need to vent. Someone said to me that "I should be grateful that ABC "LET" me have AMC and OLTL for 43 years" WOW really?? I said well ABC should be grateful to soap fans since we are the consumer and they are the product. ABC should be grateful that they had MY viewership and every other Soap fan for watching. They are the ones that profited from us. Their daytime programming was built on viewers like us. Now they want us to buy the Chew and the Revolution. Well from the looks of the ratings for the Revolution...we aren't buying. I hope their products and I mean all of their products rot on the shelves. I will be buying from NBC and ABC.