Thursday, November 17, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Jonathan Jackson Talks About His Exit, Tom Pelphrey Nabs Broadway Role

Jonathan Jackson Discusses His Shocking Exit From GENERAL HOSPITAL
"I was away from GH for 10 years and came back [in 2009] specifically to work with certain people. Tony Geary [Luke] was a huge reason for me to come back and so was Becky. I absolutely love working with her and love it when our characters are together romantically. Even though things have gotten crazy between Liz and Lucky over the years, there's still a deep potential for something powerful and redemptive there. So it seemed like a real no-brainer to me."

Jackson will last air the week of December 19.

Valentina Cervi joins the cast of TRUE BLOOD
The 35-year-old beauty will play Salome, an ancient vampire who is a world class seductress and fiercely intelligent. She also has quite a lot of madness in her. She is the most powerful person in every way yet capable of hiding this power when it serves her purposes.

Roger Bart coming to REVENGE
The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES alum will play a rich, pretentious journalist.

On REVENGE, "the punishment needs to fit the crime"
To prevent that stagnant state of narrative affairs, series creator Mike Kelley says that he’s implemented the writers’ room directive that “the punishment needs to fit the crime. If somebody keys Emily’s car, she’s not going to take a bazooka to the back of their head.”

In short, “If she’s ever petty, it’s because the crime against her was petty,” he says.

Nathan Parsons uncertain about his GH future
Parsons, who debuted as Ethan in January 2009, is finally involved in a major story after years on the backburner... but his contract is up early in 2012, and he's not sure what his plans are.

New Reality-Show-Only Tabloid Promises To Waste Unprecedented Amounts of Paper
The folks at Reality Weekly seem confident in their new business model, and while there is a high-demand for "reporting" on what Amber Portwood eats for lunch during the minutes of her life that don't make it onto TEEN MOM, there is one small problem: This magazine already exists.

Aussie actor Lachlan Buchanan joins PRETTY LITTLE LIARS
He will appear in at least two episodes when PLL returns in 2012.

Tom Pelphrey Heads To Broadway
The Emmy-winning actor has joined the American cast of London's West End hit, "End Of The Rainbow," which will make its Broadway debut in April. Pelphrey will play Mickey Deans, Judy Garland's much-younger fifth husband.

LONE STAR's James Wolk to guest on HAPPY ENDINGS
Wolk will appear in multiple episodes of the ABC comedy playing a guy Adam Pally’s scene-stealing character Max used to date and is now dating again.

Connie Britton Adopts a Baby Boy
The actress, 44, has just been cast in her most rewarding role yet: Mom. She's adopted a 9-month-old baby boy from Ethiopia.

Fox’s J.J. Abrams-Produced Drama Series ALCATRAZ Undergoes Showrunner Change
Co-creator/executive producer/showrunner Elizabeth Sarnoff is leaving the time-travel series, which will now be co-run by Jennifer Johnson and Daniel Pyne.

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