Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CASTING NEWS: Thomas Lane Marshall Joins TNT's DALLAS as Eric Barnes

According to multiple sources, Thomas Lane Marshall is the latest addition to the cast of the DALLAS reboot currently shooting its first season in Austin, Texas. He will be playing Eric Barnes.

Ken Kercheval, who played Cliff Barnes or the original series, will be returning for a few episodes, but how is he related to Cliff? And will the old Barnes-Ewing feud still be in full force when the show premieres in Summer 2012?

We get more excited about this new TNT version of DALLAS every day.

Linda Gray spoke last week about Sue Ellen 2.0 saying, “She’s powerful, she’s rich, she’s well connected, and she knows all the games that J.R. has ever played. She learned from the best, let’s put it that way.”

How about you? Excited to see a next generation Barnes in the cast?

The character of Eric was originally scheduled to appear in Episode 4, "The Last Hurrah," but that did not happen.  There's been no confirmation from the show on exactly what changed with the plan for this character.

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  1. May he has lots of shirtless scenes. Dallas is looking like Hunk city!

  2. Interesting. The guy is hot.

    I remember that Cliff had a child by Afton, but I think the child was a girl. Now, THAT would be interesting, if Cliff's daughter came back and got involved with John Ross or Christopher.

    This show has the potential to be good soap, even if the focus is primarily on the younger generation. As I mentioned, Cliff's daughter could come back. Didn't Callie have a child by JR? Ray and Donna had a child. There's JR's son James, who had a child. Bobby and Jenna had a child, and Bobby seemed to consider Charlie, Jenna's daughter, as family. And they could always bring on Gary and Val's twins (Bobby and Betsy were their names, right?) from "Knots Landing." There's a slew of people who might want and have a valid claim to a piece of the Ewing Oil pie.

    Then consider that Christopher is Kristen's child, making him and John Ross blood cousins, though through sisters Kristen and Sue Ellen, not through Ewing blood. That's an interesting wrinkle.

    It could get convoluted and (literally) incestuous, but that's not uncommon for a soap.

  3. The girl was named Rebecca after Cliff and Pams mother.

    And Christopher is marrying a woman named Rebecca. I know its not supposed to be her, but from what I understand Cliff is related to one of the girlfriends... So stranger things have happened. It has been 20 years though since the TV show went off, so maybe Eric is a younger child.