Thursday, October 27, 2011

VIDEOS: With Four New Damian McGinty Clips (Including Laughing "Rory" on the Set of GLEE 3.04 Pot O'Gold) We Catch Up with the GLEE PROJECT Star

In just a few days, GLEE PROJECT winner Damian McGinty will make his first appearance as Rory in Season 3, Episode 4 of GLEE, entitled, "Pot O'Gold." What has Damian been up to since the episode wrapped at the end of September?

He's been busy! In just the past few weeks, he has created a new rock band, enlisted in the effort to help Haitian children, and, of course, led the official kick-off of the second GLEE PROJECT. But first, before we catch up with Damian, we had to be sure that you saw this fun, silly, behind-the-scenes clip that Harry Shum Jr. (Mike) recently posted to Facebook. In the video below, Harry's playing the "class clown" and getting a big laugh from his castmates--including Damian, in the yellow shirt... also, is that Naya Rivera's laugh we're hearing?

Besides recording his GLEE episodes (and having a great time, by the looks of it) Damian has also been using his new, international super-stardom to help those less fortunate. Here's his heartfelt public service announcement for Your Dollar Our Future. He joins Nate Burkus, Charles “Peanut” Tillman, Cassie Scerbo and many others in supporting the charity's efforts to get Haiti's children back to school. View their videos, and learn more, here.

It always impresses us when young talents successfully balance their professional and creative sides. "The ABCD Project is AJ Rafael, Bryce Vine, Cameron Mitchell, & Damian McGinty..." they state on their YouTube channel. "We recorded this song after an hour's worth of finding a song to sing and practicing. This was the take we all decided was the most fun."

A little after 3:30 you can actually watch them come up with the band's name--classic.

That last clip will probably make you want to audition for the next GLEE PROJECT. Go for it! Auditions have started and continue until November 13. So last, but not least, here's Damian (and co-winner Samuel Larsen) with some words of wisdom. In a year, that could be you...

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  1. First to comment? Exciting haha. I love Glee, and Damian McGinty being on Glee is just a bonus ;)