Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GLEE SPOILERS: Fox Promises "Best Episode Ever" & thanks to Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Lea Michele & (most of all) Harry Shum Jr. it just may be!

For days, fast-talking promos on FOX have been promising that tonight's GLEE, "Asian F," written by Ian Brennan, is going to be "The best episode of GLEE ever!" Ever? Sounds good to me! Even thought it's probably just ad-man hyperbole, the internet chatter about Season 3, Episode 2, is even more robust and enthusiastic than usual. Hey, you never know, I think we may be in for a real treat tonight. Why? Here are three reasons why we might want to give in, and let ourselves believe the hype. I'm not about to ruin anything, but be warned--this post contains spoilers. Many, many spoilers.

1. Brittany Runs the World
It stands to reason that the best episode ever would feature the best musical act, ever, and everyone seems to have very high hopes for Beyonce's kick-ass battle cry, "Run the World (Girs)." Rumor has it that it took 14 hours and featured 500 dancers, and possibly an entire all-girls marching band? Regardless of the precise details, yes, it is definitely a large-scale number, and Brittany is on top, in all her glory, with Santana (in fact, watch for a small "Brittana" moment just before "Girls") and then, everyone. It's a classic Glee pop explosion, with the added benefit of developing both character and plot. Writer Matthew Hodgson (@mhogdson207) summed up the spirit of the scene on Twitter: "Hemo killin it @NayaRivera killin it @DiannaAgron killin it. Badass moves." Can't wait to see what they've got!

2. They will let divas be divas.
Mercedes and Rachel will engage in an epic battle for the role of Maria in "West Side Story" and guess what? I've been promised that they will both be truly awful (at least for a moment.) I, for one, can't wait. Every good soap needs glammy, headstrong, ambitious women. Recently, writers have been giving in to the temptation to soften Rachel and, especially, Mercedes. Tonight, we may not get Linda Evans and Joan Collins, but things get rough enough that one of them actually ends up having to leave New Directions. Oops, have I said too much?

3. They're finally tapping the show's number-one undercapitalized resource.
"Asian F" is finally a story that's all about Mike Chang, my favorite Glee superstar (after Brittany S. Pierce). He's super-cute and man, oh man, that guy can dance. Unfortunately, in the past, I always felt like he had been marginalized. When the producers gave him a promotion in the opening credits this season, I felt validated, but I dared not dream that Mike, a character generally presented as a glorified back-up dancer (but whoa, did I mention, what a dancer!) in season one, would be featured prominently in his very own episode? For example, tonight, we get to meet Mike's parents, played by Tamlyn Tomita of The Joy Luck Club, and Keong Sim of The Last Airbender--and named after Harry Shum Jr.'s real-life parents. Also, Mike is the star in not one, but two, songs--and one of them is the huge and under-appreciated American treasure, "Cool," from "West Side Story." The other is rumored to be from Dreamgirls. . . what? Finally, it was satisfying to learn that "Booty Camp" continues, as Mike cements his leadership role among the New Directions. It seems we're going to really get to focus on him, and all his academic, social and artistic struggles. After holding back for so long, GLEE is finally giving us something we've been yearning for--more Mike Chang!--and you can't go wrong when you give the audience what it wants.

Do you think GLEE will give us what we really want tonight--the "Best Episode Ever" that they've been advertising? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments section, below!


  1. I'm so excited about tonight.

  2. It was ok, I dunno I think I'm more attached to the Rachel/Shelby/Quinn/Puck and Beth storyline.