Kelly Monaco: It's "Sink Or Swim" Time For GENERAL HOSPITAL; Wants To See Kirsten & Farah "Be Real About What Happened"

Kelly Monaco gave a revealing interview to about the state of daytime soap operas, DIRTY SOAP, and DANCING WITH THE STARS.

On the current situation with GENERAL HOSPITAL, she said, "We're very aware that we could be pulled at any time, it's the reality of the times. But we're hoping to make daytime cool for a generation that may not know we exist."

Monaco has allowed her previous romantic relationship to be show shown because she is "in a healthier place with it and think people can really relate to my struggles."

As for the Farah Fath and Kirsten Storms conflict, she believes there is more to the falling out than has been revealed joking, "I don't know what the f*** is going on with these girls."

As for DANCING WITH THE STARS, she had four favorites from the beginning: JR Martinez, David Arquette, Ricki Lake and Chaz Bono.

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  1. " But we're hoping to make daytime cool for a generation that may not know we exist."

    Well I wonder why? Soaps the last 10-15 yrs have had the proverbial hacks writing soaps for shock value and totally gotten away at what soaps do best is tell good thoughtful story in character driven fashion..not plot driven dribble. How long have they used the same lame term of "cool, hip, cutting edge" they been spouting this garbage for 20 yrs. wanting the all important demos..which has showed by doing that soap executives, network executives has abandon any one over 40 including fans, and vets on their respected shows. GH is dead in the water everyone knows this it's a fact. Its called General Hospital not Hospital for the general mob!!

  2. Awww I'm sure her bestest bud Frons would let her know when he's about to pull the plug...afterall she has him on speed dial and seems to be in the loop knowing what stories will "never happen" on the show.

    Steve Burton says he doesn't even know what will happen until he gets his script and he's an uber popular actor on the show for twenty years.

    ABC "wants soaps gone" its already out here that A. Sweeney wants this network out of the soap business. I think GH going to Prospect Park isn't a matter of if but when. Frons said he saved this show for "now."

    The problem with soaps is the way stories are told they haven't changed with the times for a new generation its the same old plot driven dribble not to mention stories that "women don't drive but GH was very malecentric.

    A "new audience" (for the most part) aren't interested in the same ole' way they "write these characters (especially an audience of younger women).

    Frons has made it clear he has no use for loyal viewers he doesn't even like old people and calls many fans names; nor does he seem to embrace multi generational storytelling (for GH) he fires all the vets or won't give them solid storylines.

    They want cheaper programming end of story. GH is sinking they are at bottom #5 of 5. Yes its a sign of the times but its also their fault as well. Its the good ole' boys network's cash cow and they hire the same burnt out talent from soap to soap.

    They are not writing soaps to succeed fans have pleaded and begged for changes for decades yet they do the same thing over and over.

    They want this show to fail so they can say "see no ones watching" but they drove it in the ground on purpose. Just My Opinion

  3. IMO, she's helping it sink.