Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OPINION: DIRTY SOAP's Farah Fath Doesn't Like The Drama. (Uhm...Yes She Does)

DIRTY SOAP is going the theme of the week route and this week's theme was marriage. Subtle is not the word for this particular theme. It seemed as if every other word out of their mouth was marriage. And when they weren't uttering the word marriage the other word that seemed to be a favorite this week was drama. I'm fine with the themes since they are starting to do two of the things I said they should be doing since the beginning: ramping up the Kirsten/Farah feud and more heavily integrating the cast with one another.

Another year has passed for Nadia and it's time to celebrate her birthday again! The one present I wanted for Nadia's birthday:  her mother coming over to berate Brandon on what a terrible boyfriend he was. Sadly, my Nadia birthday wishes did not come true. Last year Brandon didn't get Nadia a birthday present. Why the hell not? It sounded like he remembered it was her birthday but just didn't get her a present. Nadia's mom may have a point about Brandon. Every time he mentions something that he has done wrong, I think her mother should appear to slap him across the head. This year he got her an iPad. I would have done him right there on the counter for an iPad but Nadia was not even pretending that she was into the gift. She wanted something pretty and personal....you know maybe some jewelry. You think? An iPad would have been a nice additional present to a pair of earrings. Take note for next year, Brandon. This could have happened in any viewers home. Nadia and Brandon are the most natural on camera. They don't even seem to be aware that the cameras are recording. Nadia's birthday celebration continues with lunch with Farah. That seems more like a punishment to me. Their conversation leads them to the fallout between Kirsten and Farah. That wasn't set up at all by the producers. The first time that they are going to see each other is at Nadia's birthday party. Something else that was definitely not set up by the producers. Farah apparently decided that it was best to eliminate everything that is fake from her life and that is a large part of the reason that her and Kirsten aren't friends any longer. If she really wanted to eliminate everything that is fake in her life then maybe she should have seen about getting a new personality.

Before the birthday party, Farah goes to the salon that her gay Danny owns. She is obviously excited for the drama that is about to go down between her and Kirsten. Danny is even more excited. He sits there and fuels Farah's fire by regaling her with a tale of Kirsten standing in front of the salon having a conversation with him about how jealous Farah is of her because of a cross marketing promotion that she did with JP years ago for ABC Daytime. Danny needs to shut his mouth. Why is he trying to create unnecessary drama? Farah is the first one to make a move at the party going up to Kirsten and Kelly. Kirsten seems nervous about having to deal with Farah but not super emotional while Farah is giddy with the delight over the confrontation. The only thing that they are really saying is that the other one is drama. We get it. Farah gets her gay involved in it and they both sit there and claim that Kirsten made these jealous comments. Kirsten just won't budge on the fact that she didn't say this. We have a stalemate. Thankfully, Kelly steps in to get this done and tells them both to get over it and be friends or don't and part ways but stop with the drama. Kelly should have really just said shut the f up and then taken a shot.  Farah ends up walking away in tears while Kirsten sits unphased. They don't even seem to really know what they are arguing about.

Kirsten decides that her and Farah need to have another conversation. They should probably let it go but in the context of reality television I'd like to see Farah pick Kirsten up and throw her across a table. Not because I'm on Farah's side but because I think that Farah has the brute strength in her to do it. Let me be clear, Farah seems like the bitch here. Kirsten seems uninterested in Farah AT BEST. Kirsten just wants her to stop talking about her behind her back. Farah wants Kirsten to stop pulling and pushing her away. Hasn't it been years since you've spoken? That seems pretty much like get away to me. For the second conversation in a row between these two nothing is really accomplished. Farah gets up and walks away in another fit of tears. Farah, who keep in mind can't stop saying that she doesn't want the drama, goes home to complain to JP and her gays about Kirsten's roots and the fact that she had to meet her in the valley. Who the f cares if you had to go to the valley? If that's what you're focusing on, then it's no wonder that Kirsten doesn't want to be your friend. Farah thinks that she is the easiest person to get along with. Sure, if you do exactly what she tells you she is the easiest person to get along with. Farah thinks that Kirsten loves the drama. Uhm...actually I think that it's you that actually like the drama. The more that you tell me that you don't love the drama and then run home to gossip with your gays the more I think that you in face love the drama. See how that works?

What else was going on in the land of Dirty Soap? Kelly was having issues with her upcoming on screen wedding because she had yet to take that particular plunge in her life. How did she handle it? A trip to get wasted in Las Vegas of course. Yet again these are actions of a girl I could hang with.  Back in California Brandon, Nadia, Jenna, Galen, and some random guys who we don't really see went on a trip to Napa for Nadia's birthday. It was a great trip, but Brandon forgot Nadia's hanging bag of clothes. They fought about it for approximately three seconds and then Nadia seemed over it. If that is the problem that you need to manufacture to give them a wrinkle in their trip then this is not a couple who is drama. They should have had Nadia's mother pop out of cake. That would have caused some problems.  Jenna and Galen were only invited on the trip because they are on this show and I'm guessing the cast and crew find them as boring as I do because it looks like no one has touched Jenna's hair since 1994. Jenna called the kids a lot and then when Galen asked her if she wanted to call the kids at dinner she said they were fine. Jenna had a break through! Amazing! Now someone get her a brush!

If you take anything away from this week just remember that Farah doesn't like the drama. She hates it so much that she never ever storms away from tables. Never.

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  1. Great episode. I loved the Kirsten/Farah stuff. So far I am totally on Kirsten's side in this matter.

    I liked the rest of the cast this episode too, especially Galen and Jenna. Galen seems like he'd be a fun guy to hang out with.

  2. I completely agree Brian. If there's one service Dirty Soap is providing, it's showing how much we really hate the parts of ourselves we see in others. From Farah's "no-drama" proclamation, to Nadia's mother's verbal abuse against Brandon, it is transparent that these people are simply reacting to aspects of themselves they see reflected in others.

    Dirty Soap is good entertainment AND educational? You bet your Beemer guzzling it is!!

  3. I'm pretty shocked at how much of a bitch Farah is. I really liked Gigi on OLTL, but I'm kind of appalled by her behavior in real life. I kind of feel bad for JP. Kirsten seems normal.

  4. I'm glad you mention the Beemer Guzzling Damon, I thought that was the nastiest thing I've ever heard on TV! Of course I loved it but my mouth dropped and I was clutching my pearls!

    I think Galen and Jenna seem like wonderful human beings but it seems so strange to me how Jenna is being portrayed as spending 100% of her day everyday with her two kids and Galen is being portrayed as essentially never seeing them. He even keeps complimenting how she raises the boys, which is nice, but bizarre... isn't he raising them too?

    When Farah and Kirsten were having their iced coffees, I really wanted Deidre Hall to walk out of the coffee shop and be like, "girls, it's time to get this all straightened out!" and put it all in perspective. I know that would have been a total setup but that's the kind of stunt that Dirty Soap needs to be pulling to make it really Must See TV!

    Why did they show a "This Season" promo on the 3rd episode? Because next week is going to be a snooze and they didn't have enough gems to show a preview from it? Or because they new with Kim's wedding and Kendra it would get a lot of new viewers and it was trying to hook them all? In either case I can't wait for the dinner with Farah and Fary (sp?) Nadia's mom, because it looked like Farah was dying at how bitchy she is.

  5. I don't like farah she really a BITCH!

  6. I really loved Jenna this episode, and for the first time understood why she might be an essential member of the cast. She's connected to soap stars, but she isn't one. Leaving your kids for the first time and trying to fit in on a trip with people who are primarily your spouse's friends are very non soap-starry problems that I find really relateable. It provided a more grounded problem, next to the weird "no drama" fight.

    Also, it was super nice of Jenna not to change her clothes because Nadia couldn't.

  7. I love Farah's bitchiness. Kirsten seems like a boring slore who needs a personality. Farah just says whatever is in her head and I enjoy people like that; there's no guessing.

  8. I honestly believe Farah cares far more then any of you give her credit. Franky if you really feel the way the show says she does, you wipe you hands a leave it. She does not and she can't let it go. Frankly I think this fight is set up because I see no good reason for a childhood friendship to be destroyed because someone claims he heard. Frankly the gay hair dress (?) comes in a claims this. I think he is the one with the issue. He should of keep his mouth shut , but then how else could he get on the shoe. in the end people do grow up, move away and just lose interest in ppl everyday life.