Thursday, October 13, 2011

EVENT: Guzzles and Table Flips and Tweets, Oh My! Five Reasons We Can't Wait for DIRTY SOAP Sunday

DIRTY SOAP has been building momentum, and We Love Soaps is getting swept away.  What are the five very best reasons to watch this Sunday?  We all had to duke it out over numbers five through two (as it turns out, your WLS contributors love DS in many different ways) but at least we all did agree on reason number one.

Why do you watch DIRTY SOAP?  Please tell us in the Comments section, below--but first, let the countdown begin!

Reason #5: We can feel it: we must be getting close to the must-see moment when Kelly has had enough Farah-and-Kirsten drama--and she ends up putting the both of them in GENERAL HOSPITAL!

Reason #4: As champions of the soap opera genre, we savor the schadenfreude of watching producers struggle to generate character-driven story lines--in a reality show! We're dying to see what contrived circumstances they'll put Jenna and Galen in next, just because they've tried everything else, and... nothing happens. Where is the chemistry with these two? We won't stop watching until we see the marriage certificate!

Reason #3: We have a theory that Nadia's mom has been bitten by the green monster. Fary doth protest too much, wethinks: isn't she really just jealous of all Nadia's Beemer guzzling? We'll be watching intently for signs that Fary wants some Beemer of her own to guzzle!

Reason #2: No doubt, this week, Farah will begin yet another conversation with, "Kirsten, I don't want the drama," only to end up, once again, running away in tears. But maybe this time, instead of Kirsten half-watching, disintrested--maybe she'll take the bait? Because we want our Farah-and-Kirsten, Jersey housewives, prostitution whore, table-flip moment, and we want it now!

Reason #1: The biggest reason we just can't wait for Sunday evening? Our weekly DIRTY SOAP Twitter party! You're invited as we microblog (and macro-booze) the night away: follow @WeLoveSoapsTV, or access our live feed at the bottom left-hand corner of We'll be reffing the Official DIRTY SOAP Drinking Game, sharing our pithy observations, and most of all, putting the party in repartee. Tweet you there!

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Damon L. Jacobs, Roger Newcomb, Kevin Mulcahy Jr., Brian Hewson, and Greg Turner all contributed to this post.

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