Wednesday, October 5, 2011

JO WEIL pure: THE FAN CALENDAR 2012 With 13 Stunning Shots

German soap star Jo Weil (Olli, VERBOTENE LIEBE) was a huge hit when he appeared on our web series, WE LOVE SOAPS TV, back in August. He teased his 2012 calendar and now it's here!

With 2012 already on the horizon, the year promises to be sunny and hot with a Jo Weil calendar ("JO WEIL pure") on your wall! With a large amount of commitment, mixed with fun, 13 high-quality pictures were achieved. They show the once private actor, sensitive, cheerful and very sexy.

Concept and Production - by Jo Weil
The calendar is very close to the heart for the extremely busy 34 year old soap-star: "No publishing house is as close to my fans as myself - that's why I believe I know best what calendar they will like." So it's no wonder that the star himself (who formerly starred in in MEDICOPTER 117) took over conception and realization of the

In two shooting days the 5-member team, along with photographer Christian Holthausen, captured the perfect moments.

Jo is particularly proud of the shirtless photo that displays the month of September. His character of "Olli" in FORBIDDEN LOVE is currently working as a model and as a result, Jo has trained very hard during the past few months. It once again aroused his enthusiasm for the sport, creating a proud result.

Hand signed copies for the first hundred orders
A special bonus goes to those who order very quickly through Jo Weil's website The first 100 calendars ordered will be personally signed by Jo and therefore, a particularly beautiful and unique present-idea.

Also looking into 2012, the multiple fan-prize awarded actor, who also fills the taking on a big part in an English-French production. Privately, he's planning a move to Berlin, because the pulsating metropolis really enthralls the sporty actor.

We can look forward to many projects in 2012, but for now, Jo Weil - pure and
exclusive - will provide us month after month "Pure Jo", with the new Fan-

Watch the making of "JO WEIL pure" below.

Photo Credit: "JO WEIL pure", © Weil/Holthausen

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  1. What do you mean by English-French production? If he's coming to France, that'd be super great!! I'd like to know when so I could meet him!
    Thank you anyway for your great article about him!