NEWS ROUNDUP: Kathryn Leigh Scott On PLAYBOY CLUB, Shannon Tweed, John Partridge Weds Boyfriend

Former Playboy Bunny and DARK SHADOWS star Kathryn Leigh Scott weighs in on THE PLAYBOY CLUB
"Liberties have been taken — there's no question about it," the Minnesota native, 68, says with a laugh.

"A number of things just wouldn't happen. At the Chicago club, bunnies did the 'watusi' and the 'twist' (dances) with each other, but not with customers. That was not allowed. They would have been fired on the spot."

Heather Locklear says daughter is excited about engagement to Jack Wagner
"She hugged Jack, said congratulations, and she immediately wanted to see the ring. Then she ran and Facebooked her new stepbrother,” Locklear said about her 14-year-old daughter’s reaction to learning of her engagement to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL actor.

Indian TV soap operas step out of the closet
The popular Hindi-language soap MARYADA: LEKIN KAB TAK?" (Honor: But at What Cost?) on the Star Plus television channel, which featured the pathbreaking storyline in June, says it attracts 13.5 million viewers weekly.

Screenwriter Damini Shetty told AFP: "We wanted to break new ground with 'Maryada' and talk about issues that people typically shy away from."

The show focuses on a patriarchal, conservative family in small-town northern India, the Jhaakar clan, whose eldest son Gaurav is gay.

Former DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress Shannon Tweed finally marries Gene Simmons
The couple said their vows on this Saturday, and a number of close friends and family were witness to their marriage. They have been together 28 years.

EASTENDERS actor John Partridge weds long-term boyfriend
The 40-year-old, who plays Christian Clark in the show, wed 29 year-old Jon Tsouras. They have been together for almost eight years.

As the World Turns, Weary Gen X-er Understands There's One Life to Live for All My Children Who are Young and Restless
"I remember when Johnny Carson left the Tonight Show. Why the baby boomers were making such a hullaballoo about it, I simply could not understand. Now I get it. It wasn't so much Carson leaving TV as what his leaving meant: that it was the end of an era. The end of everything they knew to be true about themselves."

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  1. Thank you for posting the interview with Kathryn Leigh Scott - really enjoyed it. She is a class act!