Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: J.R. Martinez On Cover Of People, Judith Light's New Play, Kegel Exercise

J.R. Martinez Lands People Magazine Cover
Featured on the cover with the headline, “Triumph Over Tragedy,” the retired war veteran tells the magazine how he has handled his DWTS fame with similar gusto and fearlessness as his former competitor Chaz Bono.

J.R. Martinez to People Magazine: 'I'm Blessed'
The former "All My Children" soap star says if it weren't for the accident, "my life would not be what it is today: full of joy, happiness and positivity."

The issue hits newsstands Friday, Oct. 28.

Chaz Bono receives GLSEN Respect Award
J.R. Martinez spoke of his friend Chaz's courage and bravery in facing down naysayers and competing amid controversy, noting that he could relate to a lot Bono has gone through.

"I've had a lot of teasing after my injury, being disfigured and having to find a way to reintegrate into civilian life and how to be accepted. It was tough being 19 years old and seeing my face and body for the first time and figuring out how the hell I was going to live. You have kids that are curious and don't know how to react to it and they scream and yell and run away and it gives you a bad feeling. And you have adults that just stare at you. It's a tough place to be," said Martinez, who believes that DANCING has enabled him, like Bono, "to carry the torch for what we stand for, what we believe in and the example we're trying to set for people out there. The ultimate message is accept people for who they are. Get past the scars. Get past the sexual orientations."

Susan Lucci attends tribute to Regis Philbin
The event was held Friday night at the Mohegan Sun.

Judith Light returns to the stage in "Other Desert Cities"
"My longtime manager, Herb, has often told me the most intelligent people diminish themselves on purpose with alcohol, because other people can't handle their power and intelligence, and I think that's the case with Silda. And as for her not being willing to change, I also believe that when you are deeply vulnerable and life has been a disappointment, addiction is what you have left."

DIRTY SOAP follows Nadia Bjorlin to Petco Park for singing of National Anthem
The vocal coach comes off as a total perve. "I want you to drop your jaw more. I'm going to give you a singer's secret. When you hit the big notes squeeze your butt. It's a kegel exercise."

When I told Dex about this part and asked him how to spell "kegel" he said "The kegel exercise is the pee muscles. It's not your butt. Who pees out their butt?

Colleen Bell, Director of Special Projects at Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc., To Be Honoroed Oct. 27
Colleen Bell will receive the Philanthropic Leadership Award. Bell is Director of Special Projects at Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc. which produces the daytime drama THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, airing in over 100 countries around the world with 40 million daily viewers.

Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer Get Into Character on the Set of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows Adaptation
Pfeiffer (pictured right) stars as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, the matriarch of the Collins family in the '70s.

Either watch or complain?: Low-quality soup operas on Armenian TV continue to draw criticism
During the recent years a number of artists, psychologists, specialists in conflictology, and even lawmakers have touched upon the content of soap operas (which have huge TV audience and provide TV channels with substantial advertisement profits), demanding to improve their content in order not to harm people’s psychology.

Sample the new cookbook from ARCHERS' star Angela Piper, brimming with over 150 seasonal recipes from the kitchens of Ambridge
"I headed back and escaped down Borsetshire’s winding lanes. There, in the comfort of my farmhouse home, I rifled in drawers and poked into boxes, finding cards and old calendars, cuttings and snippings, notelets and jottings – even funny old photos that I knew I’d forgotten. Just a glorious jumble of colourful memories. This is my personal pot pourri of our country kitchens."

BOARDWALK EMPIRE's Paz de la Huerta gets into another scuffle
The TV vixen, one of many stars at the director’s packed, late-night VIP bash Monday at the Stone Rose Lounge, sat at a table and accidentally spilled a drink over her friend, who jumped up in tears.

Staff scurried with napkins, and de la Huerta grabbed her friend’s arm to apologize. But her inconsolable pal shoved her away, wailing. A staffer handed the ladies bottles of water before they were helped out the door and into a taxi.

Susan Bower leaving as NEIGHBOURS executive producer
Alan Hardy is set to join the Neighbours executive production team.

Jason Cook on the closeness of the former DAYS OF OUR LIVES younger cast
All of us – Ari, Kyle Brandt, Kirsten (Storms), Nadia (Bjorlin) – we’re all pretty much in touch and are friends. We’ve been to each other’s weddings except I haven’t had one yet, so no one’s been to my wedding (laughs). But, I was at Ari’s wedding and saw her and Kyle (Lowder) get married, so we were all close for years. It is a very special time in my heart for sure, and I made lifelong friendships. Working together on this is awesome.

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