Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Robin Strasser Not Joining ONE LIFE TO LIVE On TOLN

Emmy winning actress Robin Strasser tweeted on Tuesday that she will be moving to Los Angeles and not joining the web version of ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

"It's DEF! moving to LA soon. NO "prospect" in NY, so I'm heading West:) where I have a real pretty house. NO pity pot- it's pool party time!"

We hear Prospect Park is looking at Broadway Stages (where their primetime show ROYAL PAINS shoots) and JC Studios in Brooklyn (former home of AS THE WORLD TURNS and ANOTHER WORLD) as possible homes for ONE LIFE TO LIVE in New York.

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  1. What a bummer! Strasser and her Dorian will be missed.

  2. It's insane. Doesn't even sound like PP TALKED to Strasser. If they did, you would think that with Valentini running the show he would have wanted her back. So sad. I fear, with the announcements of who is NOT joining the web shows, that "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" will be only shadows of their former greatness.

  3. WOW..I'm heartbroken...I really thought she had an excellent chance..a half of reason to watch again just for "Dorian" for my love for Robin Strasser

  4. Bummer! I can't say that I'm really all that suprised that RS is not going over to PP. Blair will soon take over the role as "head" Cramer woman in her Aunt Dorian's place which means she's going to need her own rival (Tea??) at some point to spice things up.

  5. if she is going to LA. She can join AMC as Dorian. They need someone with her acting abilities.
    Shame on Prospect Park and Frank Valentini for not offering her anything.

  6. So OLTL is shooting the bird at soap fans. OLTL with PP is not different than OLTL with Disney. Vets still get dissed. Strasser ROCKS. Hope to see her land on her feet out West. Will be looking for her and most definitely will watch.

  7. Not sure about the PP dissing vets, they did sign Erika Slezak etc to stay with the show. I think some of the blame falls on Robin herself. I think the bitching and moaning really turned off PP. The whole I am not DISSappointed stuff etc. PP is launching a new venture, the last thing they need is a star on OLTL to be DISSing them etc. Love Robin playing Dorian but I could accept maybe Louise Sorel as Dorian or Marj Dusay

  8. Robin has been OLTL's biggest cheerleader. Her comments have been directed specifically toward the writing for her character, something that her fans have complained about for years. She is hardly the first star who has had concerns about their material. I agree with her about the writing for Dorian. It will not matter who plays her if the writing is the problem except that it will be more noticable to the viewer with anyone other than Robin in the role. OLTL is disappointing their fans by not inviting this iconic perfomer in this legacy role. It's that simple.