Monday, October 17, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Catherine Hickland Back to ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Death At Sea on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Janice Dickinson To 90210

Catherine Hickland returning to ONE LIFE TO LIVE
Hickland tweeted on Monday: "Ok, are you sitting down? OLTL has asked me to bring Miss Lindsay Rappaport to the dance B4 the end. I said YES."

"I take my sensitive stomach and my fussy nose with me wherever I go, but I force myself to handle these things and work around them, because there are always a million excuses I can make for why I CAN'T do something."

LOST's Hiroyuki Sanada will recur on REVENGE
Sanada will play Kioshi Takeda, a Japanese business man with mysterious ties to Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp). He’ll show up in episode 9.

Fox Buys PRODIGY BULLY Comedy From GLEE's Mike O’Malley And John Wells
Based on the Prodigy Bully one-minute movies by Hank Perlman, the comedy centers on a young boy genius who uses his brains and brawn to get whatever he wants.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Shocker: Death at Sea!
The ABC soap kicks off an epic whodunit this week that finds several Port Charles favorites (Patrick, Robin, Matt, Maxie, Elizabeth, Olivia, Steve) celebrating on a rented party boat unaware that the psychotic Dr. Lisa Niles (Brianna Brown), whom everyone thinks is in a coma, is hiding among them in plain sight.

CRIMINAL MINDS: Former DIRTY SEXY MONEY star to guest as [SPOILER]'s love interest
Bellamy Young will play Beth, a museum curator who meets Hotch (Thomas Gibson) in the park while he’s training for triathalon.

Gay actors have found an unexpected place to come out: television
There certainly is a growing indifference about seeing openly gay actors in this country, but only on the small screen. In the movies, Hollywood still operates under a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy, with rumors of closeted stars hiring PR agents to construct straight hookups for them in the tabloids. Television, on the other hand, has become a far more frank environment, a place where openly gay actors are finding lots of work - and not just playing gay characters.

28-year-old Adam watches reruns of DYNASTY as a hobby. After watching, he takes a little time to think about the show, puts on some mood music and gets out his notebook. Then he rewrites it - removing Blake Carrington's character from the script and replacing actor John Forsyth with himself. Playing opposite him is the character Sable Colby, played by actress Stephanie Beacham.

CBS' GIFTED MAN Casts Tom Wopat as Margo Martindale's Hubby
Wopat’s character, Len Sr., is described as a long-distance truck driver who spends most of his time on the road.

Janice Dickinson and JERSEY SHORE's Vinny Guadagnino will guest star on 90210
Dickinson will appear as herself on the CW drama as a “famous fashion celebrity judging the student university fashion competition.”

Bill and Maria Bell buy Jeff Koons painting
"The Bells are fantastic," says Koons. "They're great collectors."


  1. This rocks! I liked Lindsay, she's fun and especially with Nora. There's Erica & Dorian and next in line is Nora & Lindsay...those two powerhouse bitches pure joy and love to watch. That's good entertainment. OLTL is getting on my nerves! Don't screw this up Ron, please. I've turned if off the last 2 weeks. It was painful and ridiculous. Why Stacy & Kim redux when you have less then 3 months? Put Robin Strasser back on canvas before you stop taping Frank, please. Ron's writing the last two weeks was awful. 3 weeks ago we had a "glimpse" of OLTL with week's worth RH & KDP finally. It's a hot mess.

  2. Death at Sea pretty much describes GH.