Sunday, September 25, 2011

CONTEST WINNERS: Ten Best Reasons to Watch DIRTY SOAP (Sexy Kelly Monaco & Shirtless Brandon Beemer Just the Beginning!)

A big "THANK YOU!" to everyone who entered our DIRTY SOAP poster give-away!

We were flooded with great entries. There seems to be a pretty good consensus on why we're all really excited about watching DIRTY SOAP! We've summed-up the most popular submissions.

The winners were chosen for naming the greatest number of the final "WLS Readers' Ten Best Reasons to Watch DIRTY SOAP" that we have listed, below.

Congratulations to our winners: S. Crowley, M. Guillory and M. Matrone! Please be sure to email your mailing address to [email protected] so we can send you your poster.

Didn't win this time? Well, we want to remind everyone that our next giveaway contest is currently still accepting entries--and one winner will receive a huge, multi-season dvd collection! Learn more here.

And now... WLS Readers' Ten Best Reasons to Watch DIRTY SOAP:

1. Kelly Monaco is SOOOOOO sexy! I've been waiting so long for Kelly to step out of daytime and make her name known.

2. Could this be another chance to see JP Lavoisier and Brandon Beemer shirtless?

3. Now we'll all REALLY know what it's like to be a Soap Star! With some soaps going off the air, DIRTY SOAP will show the world how hard the actors (and remaining fans) are trying to protect daytime; others might join the cause.

4. Farah Fath may have been killed off on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but she's alive and well in DIRTY SOAP!

5. With so many soaps going away...E! is the one place giving us more of our favorite, sexy, beautiful Soap Stars. These actors from the daytime community are so underrated. They have so much talent, and they deserve to be in the spotlight. It's good to see a show really promoting them (I've seen the DIRTY SOAP poster in 3 mags).

6. Soaps still matter, and if you care about the actors as much as you do the story lines, you will watch this docu-series! Daytime soaps are in alot of trouble, but alot of people still tune into reality shows, and if people come across DIRTY SOAP and like it, maybe they will tune into GENRAL HOSPITAL, for example, and the rest of the soaps, and get the ratings up.

7. This docu-series shows how some of our favorite actors live their lives outside of the world of soaps; it's an in-depth look.

8. If it is on E!, it must be a show worth watching: There is a good selection of cast members, and a solid foundation for the premise.

9. It was executive-produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, two soap veterans who have been in the industry for a long time. Soap fans trust their judgement to make it an intriguing show.

10. It's for real soap fans who want to get a taste of some of the actors' lives, and the real drama that occurs. And for viewers who still want to become more involved with soaps, we can witness some of their personal lives. Just like for all of us, events sometimes fall into place for them...and sometimes they don't.

DIRTY SOAP airs on E! Sundays at 10 PM ET.

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