Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WATCH: Nathan Fillion & Michael Buckley Guest Star On HUSBANDS

In a collision of television and internet stardom, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and CASTLE actor Nathan Fillion and YouTube star Michael Buckley appear -- together -- in the new web comedy HUSBANDS The Series, in a new episode out today.

Fillion, an established television presence made a previous standout web appearance in Joss Whedon's DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG, while Buckley's WHAT THE BUCK web show reaches over a million YouTube subscribers.

Watch the episode below.

HUSBANDS The Series, called the "first marriage equality comedy," comes from creators Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. It is directed by Jeff Greenstein who shares the executive producer title with Espenson and Bell.

Former Emmy Nominee Espenson is a writing veteran of many shows including ELLEN, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, FIREFLY, DOLLHOUSE, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, TORCHWOOD, and GAME OF THRONES among others. Director Greenstein also comes with a long TV backstory, having written for shows including DREAM ON, FRIENDS, WILL & GRACE, and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Brad Bell, also known as Cheeks, is primarily known for his work on web projects that appear at his YouTube channel, GoCheeksGo.

"Cheeks and I combine web and television backgrounds, " says Jane Espenson, "and adding Nathan Fillion and Michael Buckley continues that pattern. We are so proud of Husbands and we wanted to include people whom we love and respect -- from both worlds -- in the process."

"In a matter of years, people will forget there was once a difference between television and the web," says Cheeks. "Right now, though, there's still a distinction and we're trying to draw from the best of both."

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  1. Loved it! Nathan did sports newscaster smarm like no other! And episode (& entire series!) was a riot!