Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: B&B Starts High-Def Today & Kicks Off Aspen Location Shoot, Martha Byrne Gets Pretty

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Aspen location shoot kicks off today
The cast of B&B is in Aspen to film some new episodes. Taping of the CBS soap opera starts Wednesday and runs through Friday.

The Aspen Daily News reports the resort town will serve as the backdrop to a story line about a love triangle involving some of the show's main characters--Hope Logan; her fiancĂ©, Liam Cooper; and her stepsister, Steffy Forrester, who has her sights on Hope’s man. Among the locations set to be included are the top of Aspen Mountain and the home of the show's executive producer and writer, Brad Bell.

The Aspen episodes will air starting Oct. 5.

Ashley Jones returns to B&B on Oct. 18
"It's been so weird turning on the TV and seeing my B&B family and not being a part of it," says Jones. "I'm really excited to go back because there's so much history to play." And how! Bridget will return from an extended stay in Hawaii with her young son, Logan, the product of her one-night fling with Owen (Brandon Beemer). Her ex-husband Nick (Jack Wagner), to whom she was married at the time of the sordid incident, has been lady-less since Bridget fled town.

B&B starts airing in high definition today
"We knew back when we did all that CGI work on the Brookeberries story that it would have been so much better in high-def," says exec producer Brad Bell. "Now we've got what we need to really move the show forward. And it's about time because, globally, you need to be high-def. It's now expected that you deliver your product that way."

Wedding bells ring for Jason and Sam has a photo and writes: "The nuptials will kick off in what we hear is a very unlikely setting beginning Sept. 19."

Martha Byrne talks about her guest appearance on PRETTY
"Steve Silverman cornered me, umm I mean approached me at the after party of the Indie Soap Awards and asked me if I would consider doing a part on the show. I told him as long as my character is low rent and wears an eye patch I was in. I have to say, the character he created was a blast to play. Lots of laughing and improvising...dream job for an actor."

FRIENDS AND BENEFITS is an online gay soap opera hit
Series creator Christopher Kam told MCV that since its launch FRIENDS AND BENEFITS has received over 35,000 hits and expected it to reach 40,000 hits with the final episode posted this week.

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  1. Love Martha Byrne, and looking forward to watching Pretty!!