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COUNTDOWN: 25 Biggest Blunders In Daytime Soap Opera History (20-16)

Was it O.J. Simpson, women in the workplace, Reality TV, or did the soaps kill themselves with one bad decision after another? You decide. Our countdown of the 25 Biggest Blunders in Daytime Soap Opera History continues with 20-16.

20. Networks and soaps spoiling their own storylines

On a Friday in November 1984, DAYS OF OUR LIVES put Bo, Hope, Anna, Tony, Eugene, Calliope, Liz, Carlo, Andre, and Daphne on an airplane... and crashed it. All weekend we couldn't stop thinking about the fate of our favorite Salem residents, and there was absolutely no way we could not turn back in on Monday to see what happened. Why? Because we only had vague previews in 1984, and we had absolutely no way to know from week to week and day to day if our favorite character would be returning.

Around 20 years ago, the networks began telling the press exactly what was going to happen, not just vague one-line spoilers but the whole shebang. If you subscribed to a soap magazine, you would know a week or two in advance exactly who was coming and going, how that Friday cliffhanger would be resolved, who was going to live or die, and so on. Viewers were essentially told what was going to happen scene by scene. If you already know what is going to happen, why watch? Soaps built a loyal following in the previous decades by not revealing every plot twist, and keeping viewers on edge of their seat with suspenseful drama. Would you go to a movie today if you knew everything that was going to happen from beginning to end? Probably not. So why are soaps any different?

These days soap opera spoilers are everywhere. Shows all over television get spoiled but rarely at the level of detail soap stories are known in advance.

One recent exception ALMOST was the revealing of the Real Todd on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. The show had gone to great lengths to slowly build up this suspenseful revelation, and captivate the audience every step of the way. Consequently, the show's ratings continued to rise, and internet buzz and speculation remained massive. But then--and it was hard to believe--Disney-owned SOAPnet showed us in a preview that Roger Howarth would be revealed as the "Real Todd" several days before the show did! Why a network would go to such lengths to destroy its own product is beyond us. Oh yes, this is ABC.

19. Rotating Romans and the forever ret-con of John Black on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

DAYS OF OUR LIVES fans loved the original love story between Marlena and Roman Brady, played by Deidre Hall and Wayne Northrop, from 1981-1984.  The couple overcame many obstacles, had many adventures, ultimately married, and had twin babies, Sami and Eric. When Northrop left the show in 1984, Roman "died" after being shot by Stefano. Marlena turned to her buddy Chris Kositchek, played by Josh Taylor, for comfort.  Then  in 1985 "The Pawn" (aka John Black) came to Salem and was later revealed to be Roman after plastic surgery. Drake Hogestyn quickly won fans over who fully accepted him as the new Roman.

In 1991 Wayne Northrop returned to DAYS and we learned he was the real Roman and Drake Hogestyn's Roman was actually Forrest Alamain, although he would continue to use John Black as his name. Northrop would leave DAYS as Roman in 1994, and Hogestyn's John Black would go on to learn he had been an art smuggler, a priest, a violent mercenary, a fighter pilot, an army doctor, and ultimately find out that he was really Ryan Brady, Roman's first cousin. 

In 1997 Roman returned to Salem.  This time he was played by Josh Taylor, the same Josh Taylor that had played Chris Kositchek from 1977-1987, had been one of Northrop Roman's grooms in his wedding to Marlena in 1983, and dated Marlena from 1985-1986. It's still hard to this day to watch DAYS and not think of Chris when Taylor is on our screens as Roman.  It doesn't help that Taylor's portrayals of Roman and Chris are literally indistinguishable.

Wayne Northrop then returned to DAYS for a third time in 2005 but this time as Alex North, the abusive maniac who supposedly was married to Marlena before she came to town in 1976. Confused yet? So the first Roman was Alex, the second Roman was John, and the third Roman looked just like Chris.

There is much more that could be said about this story but we think you get the point. We would have been perfectly happy for Drake to have played Roman forever. Bringing back Wayne as Roman and then Josh as Roman made this merry-go-round a clunker, made all the other characters look downright stupid, and violated all laws of continuity.  More importantly, it alienated long term viewers who couldn't emotionally invest in a story if they were going to be told that what they saw never happened (DAYS would nail the final coffin on viewer loyalty with the Salem Serial Killer Story of 2003-04).  Who will John be when Drake returns to the soap on September 26? Stay tuned.

18. The launch of the new GUIDING LIGHT production model

On February 29, 2008, GUIDING LIGHT moved to a new production model, an end-to-end transformation in the way the show was created from direction to editing to scenic design. Permanent sets inside the show's New York City studio had four walls (instead of three) and a ceiling. Handheld cameras shot the actors up close and personal both inside the new sets and on location from Peapack, New Jersey. This change was to deliver a higher level of realism and intimacy to the audience and a much lower cost which would allow the 71-year-old soap to stay on the air.

The show garnered quite a bit of publicity for the change in the weeks leading up to the launch. Comparisons to primetime critical darling FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS were made. So what went wrong? The producers, writers, actors and the entire crew were not prepared for the change. In addition to an on-the-job-learning feel to the entire situation, no story at the time carried any emotional impact. We saw a lot of shots of trees, benches, and flags that meant nothing to the story. There were sound issues. Unfamiliar singers were used as background music and drowned out the dialogue at times. The overall feel of Springfield changed dramatically from what fans were used to.

GUIDING LIGHT had 2.8 million viewers the last full week before the change, and 893,000 women 18-49 viewers, placing it ahead of AS THE WORLD TURNS. Within four months, the show had lost almost 700,000 viewers, a fatal blow to its chances of survival.

A year later, the love story between Olivia (Crystal Chappell) and Natalia (Jessica Leccia) captured our hearts. The return of Grant Aleksander as Phillip was a huge success, Buzz (Justin Deas) and Lillian's (Tina Sloan) romance was front burner, and Springfield was a lively and fascinating community again. But by then the damage was done.  If only the storylines of 2009 that left fans wanting more every day had been told in February 2008, then the show may have had a fighting chance.  

The cast and crew, including executive producer Ellen Wheeler, gave it their all, but there were technical issues on some days that you only see on the most low budget of web series.

It was probably too late anyway, as GUIDING LIGHT had become a shell of its former self during the run of several producers who tried to leave their marks on the soap, and head writers who, in retrospect, did not have the chops to write our beloved Springfield. And with the show on the upswing, CBS canceled it anyway. Perhaps they would have done that no matter what. But if the production model change was the show's last chance, then not being ready with better stories--the only way to motivate viewer investment and the one thing that could have covered up some of the technical problems--was an epic mistake.

17. CBS canceling its remaining radio soaps a.k.a. "The day the radio drama died"

The radio era of the soap opera began to crumble by 1955. By 1956, the number of soaps had dropped to sixteen (ten of which were on CBS; the remainder were equally divided between NBC and ABC). Four years later, ABC discontinued all of its soaps. NBC had only TRUE STORY and CBS had seven remaining programs on its schedule. By the end of the 1959-1960 season, CBS was the only network broadcasting soaps, six in total since they dropped THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT on June 24, 1960.

In mid-August of 1960, CBS, which began the season with six programs, decided to cease its soap opera broadcasts on the last Friday of November. Just because.

November 25, 1960 has been identified as a watershed in broadcasting. It's often referred to by aficionados as "the day the radio drama died."

CBS breezily announced the cancellation of its remaining serials--YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE (which aired on NBC-TV), THE RIGHT TO HAPPINESS (a spinoff of THE GUIDING LIGHT), THE SECOND MRS. BURTON and MA PERKINS. This was the end of an era. But did it have to be?

MA PERKINS was a prime example. As the organist ending the final show performed a variation of "My Old Kentucky Home" for the last time, Virginia Payne addressed her audience directly: "Ma Perkins again. This is our broadcast 7,065. I first came to you on December 4, 1933. Thank you for being so loyal to us these 27 years... Ma Perkins has always been played by me, Virginia Payne. And if you write to me, Ma Perkins, at Orleans, Massachusetts, I'll try to answer you. Good-bye, and may God bless you."

Then, an unidentified CBS announcer broke into the closing, letting fans know that starting Monday, they could get double the CBS News. Fans of longtime, beloved daytime television soaps that have left the air in recent years can probably imagine how faithful MA PERKINS fans felt following her dignified, earnest, and daring farewell. The CBS switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree, and the network was deluged with angry calls and then, angry letters.

Audiences still loved the radio drama, but the local radio stations wanted all of the air time for themselves.

Radio would continue to thrive for many years to come, so why couldn't radio soap operas continue? The last few years of network television decisions feel a little like the late 1950s with someone in charge deciding, arbitrarily, that the era of Daytime TV soaps is over. And as of January 2012, we will be down to the final four. It is  eerily familiar.

16. The Mismanagement of the Final Years of AS THE WORLD TURNS

The first several years of the Chris Goutman era as executive producer of AS THE WORLD TURNS were award-winning and critically acclaimed, full of actors who couldn't praise their leader enough in the press. The final years were the complete opposite. The constant pats on the back were gone. In their place were a lot of confusing casting decisions, rumored turmoil, and the unbelievable mistreatment of the legendary Eileen Fulton. The show that had the most history that was still intact had a leader who could not have cared less.

Letting the brilliant Larry Bryggman (John Dixon) walk away in 2004 was a huge blow to the show and a definite sign the tide was turning. Seeing his return for a few weeks at the very end of ATWT's run in September 2010 proved what an asset he was and what a hole he left. Similarly, allowing Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder) to leave, and acting so cavalier about it in the media, was infuriating and turned off many fans. Even when the classy Noelle Beck offered to step aside so Byrne could return to ATWT in the final months for a reunion of Lily and Holden, Goutman refused. Firing a returned Scott Bryce, who actually made the character of Craig human despite awful writing, was another head scratcher. We don't know if it was pride, personal grudges, or complete incompetence but this was not the man who turned this soap around in the early 2000s. What happened? And where was Procter & Gamble? They seemed to have lost interest in both their remaining soaps at the time.

ATWT still showed moments of brilliance in its final years with Maura West (Carly), Michael Park (Jack) and Colleen Zenk (Barbara) leading a cast that gave their all, no matter what story was written. But there was no explaining the act of continuing to introduce new (and mostly unlikable) characters through the final months of the show.  There was no justifying the rapid-pace style of editing that seemed to confuse and alienate viewers.  And there was no reason to back burner daytime legends such as Don Hastings (Bob), Kathryn Hays (Kim), and Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda). 

As for Lisa and Ms. Fulton, what a horrible way to end this soap. All soap opera final episodes are not made alike. For every perfect ending (SEARCH FOR TOMORROW's Jo and Stu come to mind) there is a Paul Rauch stomping on a cigarette or CAPITOL having Sloane standing in front a firing squad. It's not always easy to wrap up a soap in a limited amount of time. But no soap opera had ever had as much time between their cancellation notice and leaving the airwaves as 54-year war horse AS THE WORLD TURNS. The logical ending would focus on Nancy Hughes, but unfortunately the legendary Helen Wagner passed away the month before the show wrapped production. So obviously, the next thought would be the characters of Bob and Lisa, played by Don Hastings and Eileen Fulton, who both joined the cast in 1960 (that's 50 years earlier!). The show got it (mostly) right with Bob and let him have the final words on the air. But Lisa, they couldn't have got it more wrong.

Why didn't Lisa have some kind of storyline in the final months? Fans had been questioning her airtime for years. But surely, knowing the soap was going away forever, was't Lisa entitled to one last hurrah? The producers and writers instead gave her only two scenes in the final episode, as a supporting character in the Lucinda-John reunion and in quite insulting circumstances as well. The character of Lisa is credited as TV's first "bitch" and characters like Erica Kane or Alexis Colby may not have existed without her! That's huge. That's history. So what kind of historic tribute did ATWT pay to Lisa on the last show? They gave her four lines and a sarcastic talking-down-to from Lucinda and John. At the very least, would a phone call from an old flame like Grant Colman have hurt?

Put them all together, and these decisions demonstrate a lack of respect for AS THE WORLD TURNS as a cultural icon, a lack of consideration of its millions of viewers around the world, and a general sense of contempt for the show on behalf of Goutman and P&G.  The consistent and systematic dismantling of this beloved soap through poor management decisions remains a shameful blight in television history, and a tragic example of how ignorance and disdain can ruin an American institution.

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  1. Terrific idea for a series of articles. I am enjoying it as much as your countdown of the best actors and actresses.

  2. I'm ready to scream with joy, you got that SO Right on GL, ATWT!! Wow, GL stories was much better the last year w\Grant back, love was in the air w\Olivia-Natalia, Bill-Lizzy, Billy-Vanessa, Reva-Josh, return of Johnathon, and it was much better in quality then in '08. ATWT was just horrible w\Mick and micro-chip bs, Chris harbored prejudices against some of actors, John, Craig, Lisa, Lily. There was absolutely no reason to at least give fans MB as Lily the last few months. I now can look back and see why at P&G had Executive in Charge of Production, for many years. We need MADD at the time for GL & ATWT rein in the EP's of the their soaps and it might not ended so badly for viewers.

  3. The way Eileen Fulton was treated was absolutely criminal. I was so shocked by her lack of appearance in the final episode that I almost didn't finish it.

  4. I love this list and am glad you are really looking at genuine serious blunders that hurt the show and the genre, not just "replaced my favorite actress" and your post-mortem treatment of Goutman and Wheeler is the fairest I've seen, while still being honest about the damage done.

    re: ABC and the Two Todds, it wasn't just SoapNet. The promo ran during OLTL just as suspense was at its highest, killing everything. I was pissed.

  5. you got it all right! I have been screaming for yrs about this.

  6. Amen to every word you said about ATWT. Goutman completely ruined the show. I would like to put Dr. Oliver at the top of the list of "new/unlikeable" characters that Goutman shoved in viewer's faces. I hope that the doctor - and the horrible way such a special couple as Luke and Noah were treated in the final months - will have their own "Blunder". Not allowing the fans to see a full-blown happy Nuke reunion was criminal.

  7. Amen to number 19. John should have remained Roman. The character lost all continuity. I lost interest in him because I didn't know who the heck he was. The humanity of the character was lost to me when he just kept switching.

  8. Wow, now I'm angry all over again about the treatment of Eileen Fulton and Lisa Miller Hughes etc. Terrific post.

    I would like to note that the middle finger of a finale actually started a few weeks before the actual episode, when ONE episode was dedicated to Helen Wagner/Nancy Hughes's passing. ONE. No Hughes characters were brought back to the canvas (and why would longtime viewers want to see old characters return when we could see more Ciccone family members?). Did I mention that ONE episode was dedicated to the passing away of the matriarch of the Hughes (and the show itself)?

    Yeah, I'm still bitter.

  9. Hi spiderweb55,

    I'm still feeling bitter over the mismanagement of ATWT as well. For me, all 3 networks are guilty of acts of industrial sabatoge towards their daytime soaps.

  10. Speaking of killing all the suspense (two Todds) and disrespect for the audience (ATWT), we can't forget that CG managed to pull of both of these cardinal sins AT THE SAME TIME with that dreadful TV Guide interview months before the finale where he basically telegraphed ALL the final pairings. Thanks for taking what little air there was left in the show's sails.

    Also count me as another ditto to those who loved many of GL's final stories. I had a recent epiphany about the "Lisa tribute" episode. At the time, I thought it was odd and "fine." Now with a little perspective, I realize it was a cheap and easy way to say that the show "honored" Lisa/Eileen's 50-year legacy....without actually having to write the storyline for her that she deserved. Having her final scene be a jealous piff at Lucinda and John was simply criminal.

  11. Fantastic article! I cannot wait to read the remaining blunders. For sure I know my fave soap AMC will be on there. Bringing Erica's aborted son back was the worst thing they could of done for this soap. It made no sense, plus he was killed years later. AMC has been a trainwreck since 2001.

  12. Hopefully the absolutely insane firings of Virginia Dwyer, George Reinholt and Jacqueline Courtney on "Another World" will not be forgotten either!

  13. I TOTALLY agree with #16 and the mismanagement of ATWT. I am a HUGE Martha Byrne fan and I still can't believe the way she was treated when she left and the disrespect she was given when she was willing to go back and give us the Holden/Lily we were dying to see! Chris Goutman should've been fired a long time ago. Maybe then we wouldn't be talking about the cancellation of ATWT but still enjoying our beloved show. I have NO use for Chris Goutman and I'll be happy to continue to see him out of work just like he put so many great actors. Any show that would hire him is asking for the same doom given to ATWT.....

  14. As a big fan of ATWT I was really sad that the show gave Lisa no last storyline. While I enjoyed and cried when Nancy died I was really puzzled when her death was dealt with so quickly in such a wierd way ( no funeral? No mention of friends and relatives? They could have at least mentioned them. Days did such a nice storyline with Alice. Too bad ATWT choice to ignor the family history of the show. Emma Synder was gone months ealier and her character and that of Meg were damaged. They could bring the show back because they had established characters who could be brought back. Of course it is doubtful since PG wants to forget they had such a fantastic show. It wasn't a hip show but I liked it.

  15. Lovin' this countdown!

    I completely agree with #20. Years ago I took a few years break from watching my soap and when I returned, I was shocked by how much the shows spoiled their own storylines. A major part of soaps' appeal for me as a viewer was wondering what was going to happen next and it kept me tuning in. It became nearly impossible to stay spoiler free, and I found that knowing what was going to happen greatly diminished my enjoyment of the show.

    I also applaud your diplomatic treatment of #16. I can't wait to see what other 15 things you ranked more highly,because to me, that is #1!

  16. Fantastic, and so on the money on GL and ATWT.

  17. I completely agree with the comments about ATWT, particularly Eileen Fulton and Lisa. The woman practically begged for a storyline and got nothing. I have had a hard time getting angry about the cancellation of AMC and OLTL as I am still NOT over what was done to ATWT. That show had so much history and veteran characters on it when Goutman shoved it into a grave. Grrrr, one year later, the topic still makes me angry!

  18. Number 19 the multiple Romans storyline had way more issues than you commented on. Those were just at the surface. One that always stuck out at me, is they brought back Wayne and then gutted all of Roman's personality traits so that it made John the more sympathetic character. Had Wayne come back the same character he left, the outcome might have been different. The second problem that the show had was Marlena's feelings for John. She should have gone to therapy like a psychiatrist would do and worked through those feelings. Or atleast talked them over with a trusted friend. But instead, she let them fester up until she slept with John, cheating on Roman. That is something the Marlena we all knew would not have done in a million years. It totally undid years 15 years of morality this woman possessed on the show. We even understood why Sami took it so badly and did the things she did because of this betrayal. By purposely recasting and dumbing down Roman, that left John the hero and completely wiped away all hope of a Roman and Marlena reunion. Confusion was not what I felt during this time. Betrayed and manipulated was what I felt. Apparently though there were enough viewers that supported the John and Marlena coupling that destroying the character of Roman and Marlena's long held strength of character was worth it. It was a mistake and one that is even to this day 20 years later one that is hard to get beyond.

  19. teehee, I remember that Nov 1984DOOL episode. I was the only kid in my elementary class who couldn't wait to get home to see Days of our Lives the following Monday.

  20. I remember clearly in the early to mid 1990's, Y&R and B&B were not included in certain spoiler sections in Soap Opera Weekly, Soap Opera Magazine, and Soap Opera Digest. Such as what day was a must watch day or record day. I always assume that was a Bell decision.

  21. Goutman ruined my favorite female character Rosanna Cabot. I loved Cady's take on Rosanna the bitch, child, vixen, strong, assertive female CEO. HSheffer version her fireworks with Carly. the amazing Maura West the greatest sister act ever on daytime TV! Loved her romance with Block's Craig. But she didn't click with Paul they were amazing as friends but not lovers. Cady's breakdown on her chacter hysterectomy was Sheffer finest hour as a writer Cady was robbed of an Emmy. And Rosanna chitchat with Barbara on how she sexually used men was pure gold. But Goutman turned Rosanna into a babyneeding, whiny mess!

  22. Bravo, love this list. still reading and still ranting. First off I have often said that spoilers have played a part in the ruination of daytime for the very reasons that you mentioned. I can remember the days of the early 90's when all we had was recaps from the newspapers and maybe little blurb snippets of what to expect next on our favorite show. Gran loved to read the mags back then because they gave just enough information to make you want to watch. Flash forward and the soap mags pretty much tell you whats going to happen on friday's show and who did it. so if you get the magazine on thursday and you read it it pretty much screws up any chance of a friday cliffhanger.

    Atwt was notorious for spoiling their stories in the previews for the next day's show. and then when you figure a preview should be a snippet maybe a line here and there and three segments long at best,(ala days) there were five or six different moment's they'd show...too much information and most of the soaps were guilty of this. And ABC putting the promo that revealed the big todd secret what was that all about?

    I think any of us could write a whole dissertation on the mistreatment of ATWT. It's like Chris Goutman forgot that this was a multigenerational show ( i mean four generations of hughes, three of snyder and lets not forget the Stewarts) yet instead of focusing on these familes ( there should have been a lot more Casey, Luke, Will etc in my opinion) they give us Janet and the ciccone family and goutman's favorite Dusty. whom i have nothing against but still.

    Oh and on the spoiler front again, I must point out that we pretty much knew how atwt was going to end...back in June, JUly? I can remember very clearly knowing that our beloved REid oliver was going to be killed by a train thus leaving Luke alone and heartbroken. I won't even get into how this was done for the sake of a couple that made no sense (chris and katie)...and everyone else has already mentioned the mistreatment of Lisa. and so tell me what was the point of gabe or sofie, or sam, or Janet again?

  23. I totally agree about Chris Goutman's criminal mismanagement of ATWT. At the end the show revolved around Janet and her family, characters no one cared about. The writing was horrible and nothing made sense--all the good writers had apparently jumped ship when the cancellation was announced. Likable characters were ignored to focus on unlikeable newcomers such as Dr. Oliver (and the ratings dropped in response). There "wasn't time" for a proper Luke and Noah reunion or for some Lisa closure yet the show wasted half an episode on Reid's uncle, a character no one had seen before or cared about. Chris Goutman is only good for one thing--making soaps unwatchable.

  24. You are spot on with ATWT. With news of the cancellation I held high hopes that, knowing it was over and there was only one chance to do things right, CG would come through. What we got told us plainly he couldn't have cared less. The single thing they did right in the last year- casting Eric Sheffer Stevens as Dr. Reid Oliver- CG destroyed in the shows final days. Ignoring the vets, refusing to give fans the Lily they wanted to see for the short time we had left- Barbara spending the summer in a warehouse talking to a puppet.. Janet, Janet JANET. It was obvious TPTB held had no feeling for the legacy of ATWT at all and felt real contempt for its fans.

  25. I loved GL's production model. It achieved the goal of making it more realistic. And for me, more realistic meant less corny like the rest of the soaps. But then again, I was only introduced to GL during the Otalia story in '09 so, as you said, telling good story sooner could have made all the difference.

  26. Oh come on. Radio soaps would have went the way of westerns by the 1970s eventually. Very doubtful we would have enjoyed them for "years to come." More like another 5 or 10 years.

  27. I never had a problem with the various casting decisions regarding Roman and John. What I did think sunk John's storylines was that the show could never settle on who John actually was. He's a jewel thief! No, he's an Alamai! No's, he's a priest! No, he's a DiMera!

    I don't think any soap has ever messed up a character's backstory as much as DOOL did with John.

  28. Could not agree more with the commenents about how disgraceful Eileen Fulton/Lisa's final ATWT scenes were. I too was hoping they'd bring Grant back and he and Lisa would reunite and ride off together (similarly to how Alexandra and Fletcher had done on GL's finale); speaking of GL, I do give them credit at least trying something different, when they switched to their new production model (though agree, the end results were less than dazzling), but at least they did try to think outside of the box. My only disappointment with regard to GL's finale (which was overall teriffic)was that they did not work in Rita Stapleton Bauer (my all-time favourite GL character). Since she left in 1981, presumably pregnant with either Ed's or Alan's baby, it would have been really cool to have resolved that one, but I guess it remains a mystery.

  29. The worse thing they did for me was not give Luke and Reid a happy ending. Contrary to several remarks here, Reid Oliver was one of the few popular things at the end of this show and Eric Sheffer Stevens made a tremendous impact and was a much better match with Van Hansis. Most of the fanbase was for a Reid/Luke pairing at the end not the immature, toxic 'first love' Nuke, who were so woefully boring and unsuited to each other. Ditto for the horrible way Nancy's death was shoved under the carpet while Janet's father got a 3 day funeral!!! Also, the gay community should have been way insulted for Luke Snyder, a legacy character, being left devastated at the end. What a travesty. I will never again watch anything that Chris Goutman is connected to.

  30. Re: #20

    Ryan Murphy refuses to learn the lessons from Blunder #20. A lot of producers/showrunners/writers seem to revel in giving the TMZ's and Perez Hilton's of the world daily spoilers so they can be put on a pedestal over their actors. Meanwhile the result is plummeting ratings...