Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Robin Strasser Not Yet Asked To Join Prospect Park's OLTL, From Social Media To Ratings Gold

Robin Strasser has not yet been asked to continue with ONE LIFE TO LIVE
The Emmy-winning actress tweeted on Monday: "NO, haven't been asked to participate in prospective Prospect Park OLTL. NOR in OLTL's last final months. Diss-appointing? yes-Surprising-no"

Social Science: How Can Networks Spin Online Chatter Into Ratings Gold?
Cable networks and media companies are becoming increasingly savvy about using Twitter, Facebook and other social-networking services to reach their target audiences. Such initiatives can effectively turn avid viewers into marketing partners and provide new avenues for engaging fans.

Actor, activist Christopher Kennedy Lawford to speak Thursday in Grand Forks
Lawford, an anti-drugs advocate, author and actor (ALL MY CHILDREN; GENERAL HOSPITAL), will speak Thursday in Grand Forks at the invitation of the Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund. In 2011, he was named Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

UK RATINGS: Soaps rule Monday night TV
The soaps steadily reigned last night as BBC One's EASTENDERS gained the highest average audience of the night with 7.6 million, while ITV1's EMMERDALE averaged 7 million viewers followed by CORONATION STREET with a healthy average of 7.2 million at 9 p.m.

Memo to the Daily Mail: few are shocked by gay kissing on TV
YouGov has just published a survey showing how people feel about seeing others kissing on TV. I know – it's not exactly the question we were all asking, but never mind. Interviewees were asked to picture this scenario: "A British soap opera recently included a scene where two gay men were shown lying in bed together, with no tops on, and bedclothes pulled up to their chests. The two characters also shared a brief kiss."

The pollsters then asked people whether they thought this was acceptable before the 9pm watershed, only after the watershed, or "not acceptable at any time".

People were also asked how they felt about exactly the same televisual scenario, but featuring a man and a woman (perhaps unmarried?), a married (heterosexual) couple and two "gay women".

Nationwide, 37% thought two men kissing was acceptable before the watershed, 39% only after the watershed, and 16% thought it was always – always! – unacceptable.

RESCUE ME, ending a seven-year run on FX, was the best artistic engagement with Sept. 11, and with the wounds New York sustained that day
Alana Newhouse writes: "Tomorrow, I will get up from the longest, funniest, dirtiest, least politically correct, and most meaningful shiva of my life, when the final episode of RESCUE ME airs on FX."

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  1. I think that Robin may still be asked to play Dorian on OLTL online. :-)