Friday, September 2, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Genie Francis Urges Mainers to Shop Local, Cassi Colvin To Guest On B&B

Genie Francis Urges Mainers to Shop Local; Adds Designers to Shop
Y&R actress Genie Francis calls Beverly Hills home, but she has a special place in her heart for Mainers.

"They are the salt of the Earth, the best people going," said Francis.

She owns the shop The Cherished Home and says the past few years have been tough.

"When the economy crashed we felt it in a big was as did everyone else. I was considering closing, I'm not making any money here. I am only trying to keep people employed who are local Mainers," said Francis.

The twangy, Texas-born model will appear on the CBS soap in a role that won't require much stretching — she'll play a runway model named Cassi who is involved with the hot new "Hope for the Future" fashion line. She will tape her scenes Sept. 15, the day after she appears on the Big Brother season finale, and will air mid-to-late October.

National Enquirer: James Franco Ape Over "GENERAL HOSPITAL" Screw-Up‎
“James went absolutely ape**** over ABC’s phony announcement! He immediately phoned network execs and read them the riot act for trading unfairly on his name to promote their ratings-challenged soap. He’s done about 44 episodes since 2009, but what pi**ed him off was that there’d been NO discussions about starring this fall in a major story line – especially since he’ll be busy filming his new Wizard of Oz flick every day in Detroit!” Livid, Franco roared that apes will rule Earth before he does “GH” again.

Ten ways to make WWE better
4. Fire the Hollywood writers. This connects to No. 2. The promos written for today's WWE superstars generally fail to make those men and women interesting to the viewer. Most wrestlers aren't competent enough actors to make compelling material of scripts shoved in their faces, and that's when said scripts are written to be remotely effective in the unique dramatic medium that is professional wrestling. Usually the words seem written to just barely pass muster in a soap opera or sketch comedy show. This is especially galling considering that there are legends on the WWE payroll who rank among the best talkers in wrestling history, such as Dusty Rhodes and Arn Anderson.

Samir Soni’s new life
Tell him that he surprised many by making a comeback on the soap opera scene, he says, “Does that mean, I was not expected to be do television any more,” he replies in good humor. He adds, “I was on a hiatus, as there were hardly any male-centric stories. When Ekta Kapoor offered me this role, what struck me the most was the realistic flavor of Parichay. It has a refreshing concept where you will not find any kitchen politics, nor does it have the typical rich family melodrama that has become synonymous with serials on the small screen.

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