Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: How many lives do soap operas have to live? Judy Blye Wilson: It's been quite a ride

How many lives do soap operas have to live?
Carolyn Hinsey, columnist for Soap Opera Digest and author of "Afternoon Delight: Why Soaps Still Matter," said the decline is due in part to just that kind of attitude from network executives. "If ABC promoted ALL MY CHILDREN with half the vigor that it's now promoting THE CHEW [its replacement], the ratings might be different. It's been decades since a soap got that kind of daytime and prime-time spots," she said.

But this perspective misses a true cultural shift. Traditional soaps are simply giving way to the soaps of the new millennium: unscripted "reality" shows like THE REAL HOUSEWIVES or JERSEY SHORE or TEEN MOM. These shows scratch the same itch.

Culture Club: The demise of the daytime soap opera
"They are having a much harder time attracting a youth audience and given population aging in general, the audience is getting older and older every year, thus aging out of the target demographic of corporate sponsors. So there still is an audience for daytime soaps but it’s dwindling AND it is increasingly comprised of an audience that the sponsors do not want, even though older adults DO have buying power."

Casting Director Judy Blye Wilson talks about the end of AMC on TV
"It's been quite a ride," the recently hired new Y&R casting director said of the past few weeks. "I'm sad to see it go. For many reasons, not just personally. It's the end of an era for daytime TV. And it's really too bad, because so many people get their start on these shows. A lot of young actors trained on shows like these. To take away this sort of schooling is unfortunate."

Abigail Spencer (ex-Becca, AMC): My LA Emmy Weekend
"I didn't grow up in Los Angeles, and maybe I'm an unlikely candidate for the town itself, but LA has really grown on me. Not just grown. It's my community."

Porn Star Nick Manning used to be on ALL MY CHILDREN?
"In 1997, I did some mainstream movies, and shortly thereafter I was on ALL MY CHILDREN for a little while and at some point, as a model and an actor."

EDITOR'S NOTE: We don't remember him on AMC, do you? FYI: The link is safe but this guy's credits will blow your mind.

PHOTOS: ALL MY CHILDREN through the years
A look back from Newsday.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: ATWT Marian Tomas Griffin (Her Mary the Nanny killed Jake McKinnon!)
When performing live, which The Bracken Band (featuring Griffin) will do Friday at the Grand Annex in San Pedro, the group plays original songs along with traditional Irish covers and popular tunes by artists such as U2 and Tracy Chapman.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Luke and Noah’s "Lost" Kiss
A kiss that never aired on the actual show during a seventh month stretch known as the "kissing ban" era.

Matt Cavenaugh (ATWT/OLTL) And Jenny Powers Lead "Many Happy Returns" At NYMF
A respectable New York lawyer and a British free spirit have one thing in common: a flair for the unexpected. As the pair marry and embark upon a life together, they chase the element of surprise from the galleries in London to the museums of New York. "Many Happy Returns" is a delightful musical romp about a woman who steals for love and a man who will do almost anything to keep her out of jail.

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  1. Always a joy to see a Luke and Noah kiss! Obviously, it is sad this didn't air (along with the deleted "bench scene"). At least the bench scene was posted on the internet. Now, if we could just see the scene in the Snyder kitchen when Luke adorably sits on Noah's lap (there are still photos.....). Anyway - thank you for posting this picture. Van and Jake made Luke and Noah unforgettable. They were -are - and will always be the best!