Monday, August 6, 2012

FLASHBACK: The Love Story of Joe Riley & Victoria Lord on ONE LIFE TO LIVE

The love story of Victoria Lord and Joe Riley on ONE LIFE TO LIVE was finally going well until Joe "died" in a car accident in 1970.

In the classic article, from Daily TV Serials magazine recaps the story including Vicky's (also shortened to Vickie but mostly Viki) split personality.

Read their story below.

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  1. Loved Joe and Vicky, never forgave OLTL for turning Kevin and Joey into Bucchanans, pretty much wiping out Joe's memory.

  2. this is one my favorite features at WLS, reading all these old articles. The know the most about are when did the series on ATWT, Paul, Liz, Susan, Dan and Jennifer, Bob, Kim, John. GL's Ed, Leslie, Mike. Are you going to be doing anymore from CBS's soaps?
    Love to see another one on GL, SFT and Y&R. Thanks for such a great guilty pleasure to read.

  3. I loved Joe Riley. What a shame Lee Patterson cannot be back for the finale. Lee passed away several years ago in his 80th year.