Saturday, August 6, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: DAYS Retrospective, Reversing Distribution Model, Lee Bell

Will NBC find the "spirit of MAD MEN" in THE PLAYBOY CLUB? Sarah Michelle chooses TV projects for motherhood. DAYS OF OUR LIVES will look back on Sept. 23 with a "bit of a retrospective" episode according to new head writer Marlene McPherson (see the new Horton Town Square logo to the right). Can taking big longtime TV brands such as the ABC soaps and reversing the financial and distribution model work? Lee Phillip Bell and others celebrate Phyllis Diller's 94th birthday.

The spirit of MAD MEN may lift NBC this fall
Mired in last place among the major television networks, NBC is so eager to get out of its slump that, come next month, it rolls the dice with a primetime soap opera inspired by Hugh Hefner's Chicago nightclub venture of the early 1960s.

Sarah Michelle chooses TV projects for motherhood
She tells, "I want to be able to go home at night and see my daughter. I want to be there for her first day of school and her school recital.

"Television offers me that - they're amazing at working around schedules. All of the big milestones I'm there for."

Television In Reverse: Backing Up To A New Financial Window
Prospect Park wants to air reruns of the shows on cable after their online original episode run. But taking big longtime TV brands -- the ABC soaps -- and reversing the financial and distribution model would break new ground. The original episodes would go to the Internet and then the after-market rerun rights to TV.

Perhaps this is part of the bigger and new financial model -- that traditional TV in some form is financially needed to make a seemingly expensive five-time a week show. Then again, perhaps as a pay TV model -- with say no advertising -- ardent fans could pay to see those soaps whenever and wherever. To lesser and more casual fans, a cable run would be good as well.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES to do a "little bit of a retrospective" on Sept. 23
Said new head writer Marlene McPherson: "And the Friday before that, we do a little bit of a retrospective that I think people will really want to see. I think it's a great reminiscing time for people to see the golden years, the best of Days. We do a retrospect of that the Friday before, and that's kind of the launch to the giant thing that starts the following Monday."

CORRIE star supports Overgate Hospice ribbon tree
Each year the hospice invites everyone to dedicate a ribbon to someone special who has added color to their life.

How Much Worse Can It Get For EASTENDERS' Tanya?
“She starts wondering if it is right to stay with a man that she doesn’t love who might nurse her, or turn to Max who would end up sleeping with the nurses”, said talented actress Joy Joyner, 34, who plays love-torn Tanya.

Salinas native Claire Coffee is shaping a presence on primetime TV
Coffee also spent two seasons playing Nadine Crowell on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Right now, the focus is on GRIMM. "I have three episodes so far. Beyond that depends on the [writing for the] rest of the season," Coffee said. "I try to stay in the present on it. If you think too much about a 'Plan B,' pretty soon you're in a Plan B."

Soap opera fans engrossed with Ramadan shows
As the first week of Ramadan draws to a close, soap opera fans across Lebanon are becoming more engrossed in the many television offerings of this festive period. With the names SHAHRURA, BAB IDRISS and AL-ZAIM already becoming incorporated into everyday conversation, it is clear large numbers of people are getting caught up in the traditional Ramadan influx of soap operas.

Lee Phillip Bell and others celebrate Phyllis Diller's 94th birthday
"We sat with Lee Bell, the creator of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Lee came with producer Josh O’Connell -- he informed that both soap operas have sparked who-knows-how-many acting careers. The series, in truth, are timeless, launched decades ago, and now playing in 100 countries. Lee’s son Bradley and wife Colleen own a major collection of contemporary art -- Colleen and DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg will be honored this year during the Inner City Arts benefit dinner, "

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