Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Kate Mulgrew On W-13, GREY'S Shazamable, Taylor Miller in "Love, Loss"

Kate Mulgrew debuts on WAREHOUSE 13
Mulgrew began a four-episode arc last night as Jane, who had a surprising connection to someone on the canvas.

Debbi Morgan's Y&R debut set
The Emmy-winning actress will first air on the October 7 episode.

First Look: 90210's Beachy, Bikini Season 3 Premiere
The last time we saw the 90210 gang, the kids had graduated and were gearing up for the next chapter in their lives. Now we've got a peek at the season three premiere, and it looks like there will be one last beach hurrah before college comes around.

New GREY'S ANATOMY TV Ads Get Shazamable
Using the Shazam apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone 7, users can not only tag and identify audio tracks or radio playing in the background, but unlock special messages or features from TV ads.

In Texas Battle's DEATH VALLEY, blood not in vain
This horror-comedy-spoof hybrid mashes up more than it misses. Its introductory violence-and-gore discretion warning means business. From the premiere's first minute, there's serious action, gunfire, blood flow, head blows, monster makeup and other horror staples.

The WWE Sin Cara backstage soap opera is set to continue
The biggest news of the weekend was Vince McMahon's decision to put Hunico back under the Sin Cara hood, possibly for good, after the original, Mistico, had a very short-lived return at a few Smackdown house shows the weekend before last.

Taylor Miller, Loretta Swit to Join Chicago's "Love, Loss, and What I Wore"
Former ALL MY CHILDREN star Miller will join the company on October 25.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES moving to 1 p.m. in St. Louis
The new airtime starts on September 12.

Former OLTL/AMC/ATWT actor joins SMASH
Broadway vet Will Chase will join the already Broadway-heavy roster of SMASH, the new NBC TV show set around the drama of producing a Broadway musical.

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