Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Felicity Huffman Excited, Chandra Wilson Directing, Grant Show Divorcing

Felicity Huffman excited about DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and the impact of Tom's moving out on Lynette. Chandra Wilson will direct GREY'S third episode of the new season. THE GLEE PROJECT is likely to be renewed. THE GOOD WIFE has a sexy new ad. MAD MEN's January Jones writes about sharks during Shark Week. Grant Show is getting divorced. John Corbett returning to PARENTHOOD for a "very complex triangle."  DAYS incorporating mini-plots.

Chandra Wilson to Direct Another Episode of GREY'S ANATOMY
Wilson will direct the third episode of this season, which features several of the fifth-year residents doing their first solo surgeries.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Felicity Huffman on Lynette's Transformation
"What's great about this year," she says, "is that Tom rises up and says, 'No more.' I respect his decision, and I think it will finally force Lynette to truly change how she is in the world and in her marriage. Lynette has to be brought to the brink of losing Tom and her family before she changes."

THE GLEE PROJECT likely to be renewed
"We're not officially picked up but having been through this several times before, just based on the ratings growth, we've seen more than 100 percent growth in most of the key demos since our premiere and these kids have an incredible interactive following," executive producer Michael Davies said. "I feel incredibly confident that we're coming back and this is certainly in my plans for next year."

THE GOOD WIFE Ad: Don't let the name fool you
For season 3 of the critically acclaimed legal drama, CBS is turning up the heat with a new ad that plays off the drama’s chaste-sounding title. Julianna Margulies is in a black negligee. John Stamos cast in a new, well revived, series.

John Corbett Returning For Major PARENTHOOD Arc
His comeback coincides with the return of Jason Ritter as Sarah’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Mark, setting off what exec producer Jason Katims describes as a very complex triangle.

Sony TV Revives DEAD LAWYERS With John Stamos As Lead, Graham Yost As Writer
The project's first incarnation, written by Christopher Murphey, went to pilot at Syfy and was directed by Paris Barclay and starred Sean Patrick Flanery. Now Sony TV is taking another stab at the concept -- a hotshot defense attorney is run over by a bus and finds himself in his own version of hell: a law firm on earth composed of other dead lawyers, all trying to right miscarriages of justice in order to redeem themselves.

MAD MEN's January Jones: This Week, Don't Just Watch Sharks, Save Them
"If you think watching a shark on TV is cool, try looking one in the eye. Over the past few years I've dived with Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas, and more recently with whale sharks in Belize, filming public service announcements with Oceana. I'd love to continue diving with sharks -- but at the rate we're going, Shark Week could become the only way to see these beautiful predators."

GAME OF THRONES casts Theon's fierce sister
Producers have tapped Gemma Whelan to play Yara Greyjoy, the older sister of the Stark family’s impulsive young ward, Theon. Yara defies the Ironborn traditions of her family by commanding her own ship and leading men into battle, as well as having a penchant for axes.

NBC's PLAYBOY CLUB Casts Eddie Cibrian's 'Brother'
Troy Garity (Barbershop) has landed the recurring role of John Bianchi, the “connected” son of Bruno Bianchi, a Chicago crime kingpin who meets an unexpected and grisly fate in the series premiere (airing Monday, Sept. 19).

Grant Show getting divorced
Show's wife, actress Pollyanna McIntosh, filed the papers in L.A. County Superior court last week.

Hot-blooded secretary meets clumsy boss in new SBS drama
The youth unemployment crisis is again covered on the small screen, this time with a romantic twist featuring unique characters in the new SBS drama PROTECT THE BOSS, starting today in South Korea.

Advertising Logic And The Race To The Bottom In Daytime TV
Sam Ford writes: "We can debate what caused the decline in the soaps, whether it was inevitable, and what it means for the future of U.S. soap opera-style serialized storytelling. What’s harder to debate is that the new network mantra seems to be producing 'lukewarm' content that no one really cares so much about."

DAYS OF OUR LIVES adding mini-plots
"We are incorporating what we're calling 'mini-plots,' and the first one aired August 1," says Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng. "It is a little surprise element, and there is going to be one integrated into each show. There's more in store: The mini-plots will develop over time. You'll have to watch us now to see how they — and we — change leading up to September."

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