Thursday, August 25, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Billy Miller to RINGER, LaRue/Gellar Reunite, DH Time Jumping?

Y&R's Billy Miller will guest on the fifth episode of The CW's RINGER
The series stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Bridget, a recovering addict on the run from some unsavory people. She takes on her twin sister's identity after her sister apparently commits suicide. Miller will recur as Charlie, a blue-collar guy who Bridget meets at an Narcotics Anonymous meeting. She'll turn to him for help in coping with the stress of relapsing when Malcolm (Mike Colter), her previous sponsor, is unavailable.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eva LaRue catch up on the set of ALL MY CHILDREN
"Getting ready for our cheesy scene!!” LaRue tweeted Wednesday.

ABC orders another Shonda Rhimes drama — this one set in 1890s NYC
Set in 1895 New York City, GILDED LILLYS takes place at the city's first luxury hotel.

GILMORE GIRLS star Edward Herrman lends his voice to Roger Ebert
Herrman was chosen by Ebert himself to record the audiobook version of his memoir, "Life Itself."

Cambridge internet TV station’s bid for Government cash
Founder and director of Envision TV Fonz Chamberlain has held a series of auditions for the station’s flagship soap opera CAMBRIDGE LIVES of which the first four episodes will be broadcast live on the internet on November 23 and 24 as well as Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Hathaway mocked for Yorkshire accent in One Day
She also told the BBC that she watched the popular British television soap opera EMMERDALE, set in Yorkshire, to train for the part.

"The Oscar-nominated actress's every line is masked by one of the most honkingly rubbish Yorkshire accents you've ever heard," wrote Robbie Collin in the Telegraph newspaper.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Kathryn Joosten: I'm Glad the Show Is Ending
"I'm glad to be done with it," said Joosten, who plays sharp-tongued Mrs. McCluskey. "Because it's said everything there is to say and done it. There hasn't been that much for me to do anyhow because they don't know how to write for people my age...There haven't been any stories for me for the last two years."

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES mulls ending by jumping decades into the future
Wisteria Lane has become a character on the show, says showrunner Bob Daily, and "we want to give some kind of sense of what will be happening on Wisteria Lane in the future."

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