Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Kyle Chandler, Final Speech of Coach Eric Taylor, Sutter's tweets slam MAD MEN creator Matthew Weiner

Listen to Coach Eric Taylor's final speech that was left out of the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS finale. Plus, Kyle Chandler looks back on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. SONS OF ANARCHY creator Kurt Sutter's tweets slam MAD MEN creator Matthew Weiner. Can AMC Network afford to budget-cut its way to success? 90210's AnnaLynne McCord has the slime of her life. AMERICAN IDOL alum Kellie Pickler will make her acting debut on 90210. GLEE's Dianna Agron dyes her hair hot pink. Jane Lynch's new Emmy promo casts her as Super Host.

Kyle Chandler looks back on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
"When I started doing this, I knew Coach was going to have to deal with similar story lines, even with different characters, just because you’re dealing with high school football players. I wanted to make sure I always had somewhere to go. So I saved a lot of my bullets, even until the end of the series. There are certain things you’ll never see Coach do too much of. He doesn’t lose his cool too much on the sidelines, he doesn’t jump up and down with excitement too much. I knew I needed to spread that out."

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Bonus: Hear Coach Taylor's hidden farewell speech
Coach’s sentimental send-off may have been benched for the finale, but it was included on the season 5 DVD as an extra.

SONS OF ANARCHY creator Kurt Sutter's tweets slam MAD MEN creator Matthew Weiner
Sutter claims that Weiner hogged money that would have been used to produce Frank Darabont's THE WALKING DEAD and Vince Gilligan's BREAKING BAD. To hear Sutter tell it, that forced Darabont out the door and has led to a tense negotiation between Gilligan and the network over a fifth season of his meth-maker drama.

"why darabont got fired - weiner. he held AMC hostage, broke their bank, budgets were slashed, shit rolled down hill onto gilligan and frank," Sutter tweeted.

He added: "no one else wants to f---ing say it, but the greed of mad men is killing the other two best shows on tv -- breaking bad and walking dead."

Can AMC Afford to Budget-Cut Its Way to Success?
As James Poniewozik notes, something has got to give: "AMC is competing on HBO's ground in terms of Emmys and buzz; but it does not have anything like HBO's billion-plus programming budget, and it has to get by on ads and relatively paltry carriage fees, not subscriber ducats."

90210's AnnaLynne McCord has the slime of her life
McCord was left dripping in green slime after filming scenes for the show this week.

WAREOUSE 13 renewed for Season 4
The new 13-episode season premieres next year.

AMERICAN IDOL alum Kellie Pickler to make acting debut on 90210
Pickler will play Sally, the country-singing cousin of local cowboy Austin (Justin Deeley).

Hulu Bids Expected To Reach $1.5 Billion
Yahoo, Amazon, Google and Microsoft also are thought to be considering bids.

GLEE's Dianna Agron Dyes Her Hair Hot Pink
Agron stepped out in Los Angeles on Thursday with a bright new hot pink hair hue.

Jane Lyne Emmy Promo - Super Host

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