Thursday, August 11, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: GENERAL HOSPITAL's Steve Burton, Julie Marie Berman, James Franco

Lots of news on the GENERAL HOSPITAL front today: Steve Burton discusses Jason's brain surgery and the special episodes where the women in his life fantasize about how their relationships with him would be different if he hadn't turned mobster. Julie Marie Berman wants cleaner, greener pet products. James Franco will direct a porn documentary. Former GENERAL HOSPITAL star John Stamos makes a cuddling video. VAMPIRE DIARIES casts Sebastian Roche as mysterious vampire hunter. And Judith Chapman is doing a new one-woman show.

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Julie Marie Berman wants cleaner, greener pet products
Along with a third partner, Julie and Mike Grady reached out to Best Friends Animal Society to join forces on ending the homeless pet problem and push adoption as the best choice when searching for a pet. The company has pledged 10 percent of its profits to the organization.

With its current merchandising limited to hemp dog beds, Better Buddies, Julie says, plans to expand — all while bringing together the worlds of design, quality, eco-awareness and social change.

James Franco to direct porn documentary
"When I was young I got a video camera and my girlfriend and I decided to film ourselves. [We] watched it back and said: 'Yeah, well, let's never watch that again,'" he said, before praising the professionalism of actors who make adult entertainment for a living. "Those people in pornos, they are great performers; they're not just doing it, they're selling it to an audience ... They're performing so that an audience can get turned on by that kind of thing. My girlfriend and I didn't know that, so it was just kind of like weird movement ... It was really boring."

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Steve Burton on Jason's Life or Death Surgery
During Jason's intense surgery (airing August 26 and 29), the women in Jason's life — fiancĂ©e Sam (Kelly Monaco), mom Monica (Leslie Charleson), ex-lover Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and BFF Carly (Laura Wright) — will fantasize about how their relationships with him would be different if he hadn't turned mobster.

On a possible GH cancellation in 2012, Burton says, "All we can do is focus on what we need to do to keep the ratings up and the budget down. We don't want ABC looking at us going, 'Do we want GH or this CHEW show?' We want our numbers to be so good they can't even think about getting rid of us."

The John Stamos Guide to Cuddling

Judith Chapman returns to the L.A. stage in the one-woman show "Vivien"
THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (and former GENERAL HOSPITAL, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, et al) star is returning to the stage as legendary film and stage star Vivien Leigh in Rick Foster's solo drama, "Vivien," at L.A.'s Rogue Machine Theater.

VAMPIRE DIARIES casts Sebastian Roche as mysterious vampire hunter
Roche has already made a splash on set. “He showed up for a costume fitting, and I got an email from the costume designer that all of the women in the costume fitting were flushed and atwitter because he’s a very charming, handsome man,” reports executive producer Julie Plec, who’s a fan from his GENERAL HOSPITAL days. “He’s a classically-trained theater actor, he is mysterious, he has an element of danger to him,” she adds. “We liked the idea of bringing an adult into our world that wasn’t one of our founding families. He’s just got a quality that is really exciting.”

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