Friday, August 5, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Sarah Michelle Gellar Airs On AMC Sept. 21, Shaugnessy Reunites With Drescher, GLEE Controversy

Sarah Michelle Gellar's ALL MY CHILDREN return scheduled for September 21. Fox addresses GLEE controversy, and won't rule out a spinoff. GLEE's Ryan Murphy admits: "I made a lot of missteps this year." Brandy joins the 90210 cast for a major Season 4 arc. Vivica Fox to appear on LIFETIME's PROTECTOR. THE BAY's Charles Shaugnessy reunites from Fran Drescheron her new show, HAPPILY DIVORCED, August 17 (see photo). A 'Sex and the City' prequel ... as a TV show? Renee Jones talks about playing a returning actor and a recast on DAYS OF OUR LIVES in a new interview.

Fox addresses GLEE controversy, won't rule out a spinoff
Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly says: "The season feels so focused this year. It’s a very back to basics year. There's not going to be any guest stars or tributes. There will be a graduation at the end and three will graduate." As for a spinoff, Reilly says there will be discussions later this season.

GLEE's Ryan Murphy admits: "I made a lot of missteps this year"
Murphy says saying "F*ck you, Kings of Leon" "started a douchy thing about me" that came to a head recently with the controversy over the "firing" of three cast members. "Twitter was bad," he says. "I was for a solid week the Anti-Christ. 'What an asshole. He’s a dick. He doesn’t take care of his actors. He doesn’t respect his actors.' It became a rash of bad publicity that all of us sort of had to endure."

Sarah Michelle Gellar's ALL MY CHILDREN return scheduled for September 21
Gellar will air on September 21 and her scenes will be with real-life pal Eva La Rue (Maria). Her new CW show, RINGER, premieres on September 15.

Brandy joins the 90210 cast for a major Season 4 arc
She’ll play Marissa Jackson-Lewis, a charismatic young politician running for congress in California against Teddy’s (Trevor Donovan) conservative uncle. “She’s a cross between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” notes a source close to the show.

Lifetime's PROTECTOR Collars Vivica Fox, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Jeffrey Nordling
Fox will play Captain Lisa Novak, the ex-wife of Miguel Ferrer’s Lieutenant Felix Valdez. Nordling is set to recur as a love interest for Ally Walker's character.

ONE TREE HILL star Chad Michael Murray wrote a graphic novel
His official website added a page for "Everlast," the supernatural graphic novel he’s been working on for nearly a decade.

A 'Sex and the City' prequel ... as a TV show
HBO, which developed, financed and aired the hit series in the late '90's and early '00s, is the entity contemplating a new go-round, the source said--not New Line, the Warner Bros. studio division that produced and released the two theatrical films. But the series wouldn't necessarily wind up being aired on HBO; it could instead end up on another network.

THE BAY's Charles Shaugnessy reunites from Fran Drescher on her new show, HAPPILY DIVORCED, August 17
Says Shaughnessy: "Fran and Peter are trying to get back into the dating scene, so I'm one of those dates. I play Gregory Sherwood, an internationally famous gardener who writes books and travels the world on book tours. He meets Fran at a book signing. We go out on a date and then back at the flower shop I meet Peter, and it turns out Gregory is a lot more friendly all around."

Catherine Bell To Star In TNT Movie, Which Is Eyed As Backdoor Pilot
ARMY WIVES star Catherine Bell is set to headline the TNT movie Good Morning, Killer, an adaptation of April Smith's novel.

A bit of money madness at AMC
Over the last two weeks, AMC has pushed to make cuts on two of its other big shows — THE WALKING DEAD and BREAKING BAD — moves that came as a surprise to the creative forces behind those popular series.

Is MAD MEN Killing AMC's Other Shows?
This past spring, after a nasty, drawn-out negotiating process, AMC offered MAD MEN show-runner Matthew Weiner a new contract in order to keep him on board for at least two more seasons—and he’ll receive nearly $10 million for each one.

Now, the people behind AMC's other critically acclaimed programs are complaining that MAD MEN’s massive expenses are taking a chunk out of their own paychecks.

Renee Jones on playing a returning actor and a recast on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
"I was the third Lexie to come in, so I was replacing the person before me. That wasn't hard because I hadn't seen the show at that point and them in that role to see how they played it. So i brought my own spin to it. But coming into it as Lexie after I had played [Salem PD Secretary] Nikki Wade, was easy because I had worked with James Reynolds, [Abe Carver) before already. He and I already had a nice friendship going. When I came back as Lexie, I went into my dressing room and there was a single rose and a beautiful note from James welcoming me back to the show. It was perfect, really sweet."

Comcast Calls DirecTV 'A Serial False Advertiser' In Suit Over 'Free' NFL Offer
"This is a false advertising case against a serial false advertiser," the complaint begins.

DirecTV Looking to Buy Hulu?
DirecTV CEO Mike White admitted that the satellite TV company was joining Apple, Google and many other potential buyers in looking through Hulu's financial details to see whether a sale would make sense, but almost immediately started to backtrack talking about the fact that DirecTV already has its own video distribution service and that Hulu "isn't necessary" to fulfill DirecTV's vision of how to better serve customers.

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