Thursday, July 21, 2011

WATCH: EMPIRE's Afton Boggiano Guest Stars on THE BAY's "Far From The Bay"

The journey of Pete Garrett continues on this week's episode of THE BAY. On the latest "Far From The Bay" installment, Pete runs into "16 and Pregnant" Lucy Lively, played by Indie Soap Award nominee Afton Boggiano, who crosses over the EMPIRE.

Pete recognizes Lucy from the cover of Empire, the tabloid newspaper run by the Haven family on EMPIRE The Series. She shares her story with him and he reveals he is searching for his mother.

Watch what happens this week to Pete below.


  1. I'm sorry, but this show is like watching paint dry. Every episode is Kristos walking around or sitting on a park bench giving someone a goofy confused look. It's beautiful to look at, but all the soap stars in the world can't make this dull spin off interesting.

  2. I watch both shows and think Afton has never looked prettier.