Friday, July 29, 2011

NEWS: "Dark" Spinelli, DESPERATE Spoilers, Bailey Chase, Sick of Antiheroes?

What if adult series were remade for children? MAD BABIES anyone? Ouch! Google TV returns outnumber sales. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Susan and Gabi arrested and pole dancing? TORCHWOOD may not be an annual event for Starz. Y&R's Christian LeBlanc gives acting lessons to GOOD DAY LA reporter. TRUE BLOOD star Denis O'Hare marries his partner in New York. GENERAL HOSPITAL's Bradford Anderson talks about the "dark" future of Damian Spinelli. Former GUIDING LIGHT star Matt Bomer bares his six pack abs at EA Sports' Pro-Am.  Louise Sorel blogs about her ouster from DAYS.

Google TV Returns Outnumber Sales
Logitech International, maker of the Revue Google TV unit, announced that Revue profits were “slightly negative” last quarter as more people returned the device than purchased it.

What If Adult TV Shows Were Remade for Children
College Humor reimagines several primetime series as if they were made for children.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Season 8 Spoiler: Is Susan Getting Arrested — Again?
Hatcher was spotted filming a scene from the show’s upcoming eighth season July 28, in which her character fights with a cop and gets taken away in handcuffs.

Eva Longoria shows off pole dancing injuries
Longoria was working on an episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES which will show her character Gabrielle Solis showing off her pole dancing skills.

Are you sick of TV antiheroes?
"There is nothing provocative or daring in the antiheroic attitude right now; we are up to our necks in it, and to create more series in that image is no longer to fly in the face of convention but to coast along in its wake."

Former ATWT actor Baily Chase to guest on WHITE COLLAR
Chase, 39, will step into the role of Bryan McKenzie, a Sterling-Bosch vice president whom Sara (Hilarie Burton) suspects of stealing a Stradivarius. Bryan is described as highly ambitious with a special interest and appreciation for Chinese culture.

TORCHWOOD may not be an annual event
Before stepping before reporters at TV critics tour, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht told EW he doesn’t envision the cult favorite as an annual event. The show’s 10-episode order was a large and unusual commitment for TORCHWOOD partner BBC, he pointed out, and he hinged the pickup more on whether creator Russell T Davies comes up with a great new idea that can work for both partners.

100 & Single: The Dawning Of The MTV Era And How It Rocket-Fueled The Hot 100
The day Music Television went live on cable TV the No. 1 song on Billboard's Hot 100 that week was "Jessie's Girl," by a guy so telegenic he was crossing over from a soap opera: GENERAL HOSPITAL's Rick Springfield. Appropriately, "Jessie's Girl" came packaged with a fairly slick (for its day) music video.

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Bradford Anderson talks about the future of Damian Spinelli
"What's coming up is going to be very dark, and we're going to have Spinelli coming out of this very different and learning things about him. It's really exciting."

Aquinas grad Casey Kasprzyk wins Emmy for daytime series
“My high school experience was extremely pivotal in the successes that I have achieved today. I appreciate all the support and encouragement that Aquinas has given me through the years,” said B&B producer Casey Kasprzyk.

Y&R's Yvonne Zima stars in indie thriller with her sister
The Zima sisters were friends with the lead actor and liked what they saw after the first couple of scenes of The Absent, so they agreed to be in the movie.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Louise Sorel blogs on ouster
Concentrate on the present and the future! "Life's too short" "Dust yourself off, and start all over again."

In my particular arena it means calling your agent and inquiring about roles you might be right for. Then again, they may call you and set up an audition or meeting for a project. You always hope it's something of substance and at least interesting. In my case, I have had two calls for work that caused me to want to scream and then lapse into gales of laughter.

Gloria Steinem’s thoughts on NBC’s PLAYBOY CLUB
“Are they aggrandizing the past in a nostalgic way, or are they really showing the problems of the past in order to show we have come forward? Somehow I think the shows are not doing that,” Steinem said, noting wryly that when times get tough, the “white male response” tends to swing to either sadomasochism — or nostalgia.

TRUE BLOOD star Denis O'Hare marries partner
The Tony-award winning actor, who plays villainous vampire Russell Edgington in the hit TV show, married interior designer Hugo Redwood in a ceremony in the Big Apple, where politicians voted to allow gay unions last month.

Matt Bomer Bares Six Pack Abs at EA Sports' Pro-Am
The former GUIDING LIGHT actor played football at the EA Sports Pro-Am held in Bryant Park on Wednesday (July 27) in New York City.

GOOD DAY LA's Lauren Sanchez gets acting tips from Y&R's Christian LeBlanc

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  1. I like Louise Sorel as an actress, but her commentary on the behind the scenes drama is unprofessional and undignified, stinking of sour grapes.