Saturday, July 23, 2011

NEWS: Warren Leslie Dead at 84, Dark Shadows Comic Book, Kelli Giddish, WWE

Warren Leslie Dies at 84; Wrote Book That Rankled Dallas
Warren Leslie, who in 1964 raised hackles in Dallas, his adopted hometown, when he contended in a book that a climate of right-wing extremism had primed the city to become the scene of a national tragedy — the assassination of President John F. Kennedy — died on July 6 at his home in Chicago. He was 84.

Mr. Leslie left Dallas soon after “Dallas Public and Private” was published and returned to New York, where he worked for Revlon and started his own public relations firm while helping to write scripts for the soap opera THE SECRET STORM, whose head writer for a time was his sister, the actress and writer Bethel Leslie.

New DARK SHADOWS Comic Book Announced
Dynamic Comics have announced that they will be launching a monthly DARK SHADOWS comic book, featuring new stories following on from where the original show left off. Officially licensed by Dan Curtis Productions, the new series debuts in October, available online and from major comic stores.

WWE’s Storylines Bring New Meaning to Men’s Soap Opera
"One of the biggest problems with the wrestling business has been the recycling of old storylines, and the hope is that the drama makers of the soap opera business can infuse a new edginess to the company. This move is one of the smartest moves the company has made in years, and this occurrence might actually reflect a true changing of the guard for the people who control the quality of the product."

Writer Grant Morrison working on Hulk Hogan story
One of the new writers of the TNA Universe is frustrated former soap opera writer Grant Morrison, who will be working on introducing the iconic Hulk Hogan to an audience of mid-twentysomethings born after his many of his most legendary battles with characters such as Nick Bockwinkel, Roddy Piper and Quinton Jackson. Speaking via video, Morrison explained his vision for the character. “I’m going to look at the early Hulk Hogan, who accidentally infringed on Marvel Comics’ trademarks and talked about getting turned on at the thought of beating on men and being an adonis-like ultimate male. I’d like to do something really interesting with that guy. The young, butch Hogan. The different versions always fascinate me because they all add up to this huge, gigantic, multi-generational story”.

THE GOOD WIFE: Kelli Giddish Will Be Back – For a Quickie?
As of now, Giddish is set to appear only in the CBS drama’s Season 3 premiere, which airs Sunday, Sept. 25, at 9/8c, and picks up very soon after the events of the sophomore finale.

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