Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEWS: Michelle Stafford is Anti-Cat Fight, NEIGHBOURS Gay Romance, MAD MEN Opening

Y&R's Michelle Stafford does not like cat fights
"I actually don’t have fun playing those scenes to be honest with you. I despise playing cat fights. We’re all friends in real-life. I don’t enjoy it. I’m very pro women and I think that women are a lot more intelligent than being catty like that."

MAD MEN opening gets an (unofficial) '60s makeover
"I’ve been thinking about adding some motion pieces to my portfolio and here’s the first one, a re-design of the opening credits for Mad Men. I enjoy the show, but the titles have bugged me from the start. It seems to me that they missed an opportunity for a good update of classic film and television titles from the early 1960s."

Is Ryan Murphy "Bored With GLEE"?
"I think he's bored with GLEE now," says a show insider who's very familiar with Murphy. "That's probably why you're seeing all these weird happenings with no real, well-thought-out message as to what's going on with the show, who's going where and why."

NEIGHBOURS producer Susan Bower talks about upcoming gay romance plot
"We will treat any romance homosexual or heterosexual in a sensitive G-rated way. It is obvious that at 6.30pm a gay romance is a sensitive issue and for some reason on television it is alright for girls to kiss and experiment with their sexuality but it's not alright for boys. That is something we are aware of, as annoying or disappointing as it is. We will treat the romance within the character. Chris is a naturally shy person - he is not a person who either flaunts his sexuality or his heart. So it will be done according to that character. And it may not be a full-on relationship. The character that Bob is playing is older and further down the track with his relationship testing, so it will be a relationship story rather than a gay male romance."

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Bradford Anderson is a dad!
The actor and his wife, Kiera, welcomed their first child into the world on Monday. Juna Meredith was born at 11:45 a.m. on July 18, weighing in at 7 lbs., 3 oz.

Katie Couric will co-host THE VIEW on August 3
This is her first ABC appearance just 13 months before she is scheduled to debut her new show in GENERAL HOSPITAL's timeslot in much of the country.

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