Friday, July 1, 2011

NEWS: B&B Gets Fashion Makeover, Michael Corbett, Hulu, Kutcher, Robert White Dead

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Gets a Fashion Makeover
Colleen Bell, L.A. style maven and philanthropist — wed to B&B exec producer Brad Bell — holds the title of Director of Special Projects and is now in charge of giving the soap a major makeover.

"We really need to push the envelope," says Bell. "Brad and I would be watching the show together and I'd see what everyone was wearing and be really bothered by it. B&B should be a benchmark for fashion."

Former soap star Michael Corbett writes another real estate book
"Before You Buy" is Corbett's third book on real estate.

Google Inc. in preliminary talks to buy Hulu
Hulu has begun meeting with potential buyers including Google, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. to drum up interest in a sale.

Ashton Kutcher Going After Village Voice Media Advertisers
The Village Voice is freaking out on their Twitter feed. But they definitely were asking for this. They basically called Kutcher and Demi Moore ineffectual idiots, ridiculed their advocacy efforts and didn’t call either celebrity for a quote for their several thousand word piece.

Renee Puente: Matthew Morrison's New Girl
Morrison and his new girlfriend Renee Puente attend the 2011 White Tie and Tiara Ball last week in Windsor, England.

Will Patrick Dempsey Return to GREY'S ANATOMY?
George Lopez asked the star the burning question, and tests his memory of GREY'S episodes in a game of "Plot or Not?"

Facebook Pitches Social TV
Andy Mitchell, SVP of Strategic Partner Development at Facebook, pitched a crowd of media and branding honchos at the PromaxBDA conference on Wednesday on the various ways in which he thinks his company can help the broadcast media embrace the social world. An obvious starting point was program filtering. “If you look at the program guide [as it stands now], you’re trying to figure out what to watch among five hundred channels. It’s really hard,” Mitchell said. “But think about a program guide where you see what your friends are watching, that changes the experience.”

Can VH1's SINGLE LADIES help the soap genre?
SINGLE LADIES is perfectly positioned to lead the rebirth (and relocation) of its genre. Series creator and executive producer Stacy A. Littlejohn clearly understands what soap fans want.

TV writer Robert White dies
White earned a Daytime Emmy nomination in 1978 for GUIDING LIGHT and won WGA Awards in 1980 and 1985 for GUIDING LIGHT and SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, respectively.

Jennifer Aniston was 'large' and earned $100 for SEARCH FOR TOMORROW role
She said: "[My first job] was as an extra on my dad's [John Aniston's] soap opera, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW. When I was 12, I asked him if I could get a part on his show. I wore a yellow skating outfit, and I was kinda large. It's hard to look good in yellow, and I certainly did not."

She told a US magazine: "I remember I got a check for about $100 USD, and I was blown away."

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  1. Please have this mean the end of the never ending yo yoing back and forth between Boob, Boobess, and Brooke. Oops sorry I just randomly rename people I mean Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke. I'm so sick of it. Taylor is beyond pathetic and I hate seeing Brooke so broken. She should fight and kick that sorry Ridge to the curb.

    It would be great if Ridge would stand up to his mother once and for all. Also it would be nice if Stephanie got over her very bizarre obsession with her son. And it would be nice to see Thorne out of the basement.