Friday, July 1, 2011

NEWS: Joanna Johnson Visits B&B, Marcy Rylan, 50 Gayest Ads

Joanna Johnson returning to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL for four-episode stint
"Katie calls Karen, who is coming to town for a Spencer Publications board meeting and asks her to come a day early but doesn't say why. It's a surprise to all the guests, including Bill, that Katie is having a minister come over to renew their vows. It's the same minister who married them originally, and all the same guests [Brooke, Donna, Justin, Stephen] plus a few new ones [Pam, Liam, Hope]. Supposedly, Karen has been running the New York office of Spencer Publications, which was news to me."

Y&R's pregnant Marcy Rylan having another boy
"We are having another BOY!! :) Jackjack can't wait for his buddy to get here!"

SOS & Coupon Campaign Makes Globe Magazine Cable/Satellite Coupon appeared in the July issue of Globe.

The 50 Gayest Ads Ever
From hot lesbians to closeted teens, how mainstream advertising exploits LGBT themes.

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