Friday, July 15, 2011

NEWS: Sarah Brown, Standard Emmy Reactions, Michael B. Jordan, Jane Espenson

How Symptoms of Celiac Disease Changed Sarah Brown’s Life
"A pattern started to emerge, so I knew there was an allergy of some kind," says Brown, 36. "I said to myself, 'I’m going to find out what’s killing my family and, if I die in the process, at least I will [know] I did everything I could to find out what’s going on.'"

Emmy Nominations Day: 10 Standard Types of Reactions From Award Show Nominees
Another way the Emmys are predictable: the nominees' reactions. Or at least how they convey their reactions.

TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY writer Jane Espenson interview
"Oh, nothing gets on the air until the showrunners approve / rewrite it. So I was not just thrown into the world of UK TV writing. I messed up lots of cultural stuff, but Russell fixed it. Just like I would help if something UKish slipped into the speech of an American character."

FNL's Michael B. Jordan remembers ALL MY CHILDREN
"I was on ALL MY CHILDREN for three years, four years. And it’s sad, it is. I learned all lot from soap operas, that’s where I got my chops from as far as life work ethic. Being on a show like that and doing 90-plus pages a day, really got my work ethic up to par."

Y&R's Peter Bergman & Tracey Bregman appear on THE TALK

Why is the same commercial run repeatedly on the same program? Example: On DAYS OF OUR LIVES Huggies has run the same commercial five or more times each day
"If the same advertiser is appearing that many times in one program, it's either a mistake or perhaps the show is having trouble finding advertising. As for why the advertiser uses the same commercial, as expensive as ad time is, making ads is also costly and recycling spots is more cost-effective."


  1. The ABC website seems to be plotting to drive me insane with the same Latisse commercial being shown over and over and over again. Usually on TV I can ignore commercials since I'm reading a book but it is a whole other thing online since the commercials always seem to get louder than the actual show I'm watching is.

  2. Barbara,

    I agree! That Latisse commercial is some kind of awful. Claire Danes. What was she thinking?