Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NEWS: Gellar Appearing on AMC? Roberts Blossum Dead, Yennifer Behrens

Scoop on the New Web Version of ALL MY CHILDREN
There's also highly reliable buzz — unconfirmed by Prospect Park — that Susan Lucci has agreed to move on with the show, though to what extent she'll participate or for how long isn't clear.

Prospect Park plans to retain current head writer Lorraine Broderick and executive producer Julie Carruthers. But are there major rewrites in the works for the ABC finale? Broderick, working in tandem with AMC's legendary creator Agnes Nixon, had planned to tie up most of the major storylines with nice tidy bows. Now such a finale is problematic, since creating a few cliffhangers would encourage viewers to check out the internet version.

There are also some hard-to-believe whispers going around that Sarah Michelle Gellar has agreed to return to AMC for a farewell appearance before the show leaves ABC.

Actor Roberts Blossom has died at age 87
Stage and screen actor Roberts Scott Blossom died of natural causes in Santa Monica on Friday, July 8. He was 87. Blossom was busy on the small screen as well his work in film and the theater. He had a recurring role on the soap opera ANOTHER WORLD, as Burt Ordway. He later played Sven Petersen, for which he won a Soapy Award as favorite villain in 1978. Among Sven's many crimes were murdering Rocky Olsen and Regine Lindeman's father. He also kidnapped Rachel Cory.

Interview with GENERAL HOSPITAL's Yennifer Behrens (ex-Marianna)
"Working on soap is lots of fun and quick. You must be on top of your game. They give you two takes at most. The set feels like home to get the studio and have your dressing room waiting ever day."

'Dallas' vs. Dallas: Where TV stops and reality begins
"Dallas" -- oil, ranching and families like the Ewings -- isn't much like the real Dallas.

Drea de Matteo and Sophia Bush are MOB WIVES
Watch their Funny or Die parody.'s Gays of Our Live Theater
Included is the the ‘My Two Daddies’ storyline for Sean and Marcus on CORONATION STREET.


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  1. Maybe I'm an oddball but I kind of wish we didn't find out about this deal until more details were in place. Right now there are just so many questions about how the shows will go on that I really don't want to get my hopes up. It was horrible when Passions seemed to be saved only to be gone when it was cancelled a second time.