Friday, June 3, 2011

Sorel is Out, Hall/Hogestyn Are In!

According to an exit interview with TV Guide.Com, Louise Sorel is out on DAYS.  But even more shocking is her spilling that Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are coming back this summer.  With Crystal Chappell also on way out, it appears that changes are brewing (again) in Salem.

-To see WLS's indepth and revealing interview with Louise Sorel in August, 2009, press here.

What do you think of these changes?  Is DAYS's shift going to be ratings gold or another error in "The Plan To Save DAYS"?


  1. Its gonna crash and burn...oh wait it already has.

  2. Massive error. All crystal days were high ratings. Losing that is a mistake and such a diss to her fans...

  3. But lets be honest crystal and Louise are being blamed for the ratings corday still isn't letting people go that are the real problem. I was looking forward to the new writers take on Carly and Vivian now instead I'm changing the channel. Dirty business corday!

  4. Corday says that he wants to bring things back to the way things were. Guess that means more idiotic stories like Marlena's possession. And oh, goody, we'll get to see Drake Hogestyn's horrible acting again. He & Ronn Moss are the worst actors on daytime.

    Days is done.

  5. I don't know what will happen with Days, but I'm done. I just don't care about any of the stories anymore, especially now that CC and LS will be gone. So much wasted potential with their characters. *sigh*

  6. As much as I like Crystal & Louise, they really don't have a story line. Addicted to pills and plotting revenge gets very tiresome. You can blame that on Dena. And now she's gone as well thank God. I'm looking forward to Deidra & Drake's return. I heard 5 or 6 characters are leaving. I wonder who the others will be? I could think of a few to get rid of.

  7. Fill in the blanks

    Citing decreasing ratings and the desire to return to core storylines, Days rehires fan favorite _______.

    Citing increasing payrolls and lack of storyline, Days fires ________.

    Select all that apply...

    A) Crystal Chappell
    B) Mary Beth Evans
    C) Deidre Hall
    D) Louise Sorel
    E) Susan Seaforth Hayes
    F) Leann Hunley
    G) Stephen Nichols
    H) Mellissa Reeves
    I) Wally Kurth
    J) Drake Hogestyn
    K) Bill Hayes
    L) Bryan Datillo
    M) Matthew Ashford
    N) Billy Warlock
    O) Judi Evans
    P) Christie Clark
    Q) Thaao Penghlis