Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEWS: DH, Connie Britton, Michael Muhney, Alec Baldwin, Priscilla Garita

William H. Macy, hubby of DH star Felicity Huffman, who told reporters today at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival that she "has one more year of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES."

"No, that's not been decided yet, but I love that Bill is spreading rumors. No, we're signed up for two more years," Huffman insists. "It depends on the ratings whether we'll actually go two more years or not, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. I'd like to go two more years. I love the work, I love working from home, it's the job of a lifetime, so I hope it goes two more years, but maybe it's just one more year. It depends on how we do."

TWIN PEAKS co-stars to guest on WHITE COLLAR
Madchen Amick and Dana Ashbrook will appear in separate episodes.

When spoilers help: The GAME OF THRONES defense
"For one thing, to say that knowing what’s going to happen on Game Of Thrones devalues the show is to say that no one who’s read [George R.R.] Martin’s books could enjoy watching it. But more importantly, by preparing, I didn’t have to spend a lot of time during the first few episodes trying to untangle who was who."

VIDEO: Connie Britton and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS aim for Emmy touchdown
"It would be a really lovely testament to this show we love so much to have it recognized in its final season," Britton says. "It would be poetic."

GH Casts Two Soap Vets
Priscilla Garita -- who played SUNSET BEACH's Gabi before moving to PASSIONS to replace Lindsay Korman (Cara, ALL MY CHILDREN) as Theresa -- will debut as Lupe, a woman with a long-standing history with Luke, on Friday, June 10.

Kurt Cacares -- who filled in for Mark Consuelos on AMC for several months in 2002 while Mateo's portrayer filmed The Great Raid -- enters the scene on Friday, June 24, as Javier, a shady and dangerous (yet quite charming!) guy.

Y&R's Michael Muhney Inks New Deal
Muhney has signed a new multi-year deal with the soap.

THE GOOD WIFE's Chris Noth on Anthony Weiner: "I'd rather have (bleep)ed some lady than (bleep)ed the country"
"Poor guy. You know, it was kind of stupid to have a name like Weiner and then be doing that when you're a politician."

Is Alec Baldwin Thinking Of New York City Mayor Run?
Amping up speculation, Baldwin's rep, Matthew Hiltzik, told The Hollywood Reporter, "I wouldn't rule it out," when asked about the potential run for mayor.

Baldwin responds on Twitter
"It's a long way till November of 2013."

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  1. Chris Noth would be a great mayoral candidate, but I would stump for Alec.