Sunday, June 5, 2011

NEWS: Larry Hagman, GLEE vs FNL, Matthew Weiner, James Arness

Back in the saddle: Larry 'JR' Hagman reunites with Dallas wife Linda Gray as he auctions off his belongings
Hagman was reunited with his former co-star Linda Gray - who played his on-screen wife Sue-Ellen - as they rode on horseback through Beverly Hills a few days ago.

The party was held in honor of Hagman and to celebrate the upcoming sale on hundreds of items from his life.

Among the items on offer include his cowboy boots, a director's chair with his name on or many of his Stetsons.

How Football Players Got Trounced by GLEE
If FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is as American as apple pie, then GLEE is more like Ben & Jerry’s deep-fried caramel-apple whipped-cream-swirl ice cream (which doesn’t exist, but really should): a dense, flavorful, genre-bending extravaganza of one-upmanship, raging hormones, teary confessions and lip-glossed warbling.

Matthew Weiner: We just started working on MAD MEN Season 4 three weeks ago
"We have a bunch of ideas on the board that I was super excited about 48 hours ago and today we sat around talking about how crappy it is," says Weiner.

James Arness dies at 88
Arness became one of TV's most enduring figures, playing Marshal Matt Dillon in the 1950s, '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.

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