Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NEWS: DVRs Waste $2B Electricity, Debbi Morgan, TV Watching Increases Health Risks

TV DVR units said to waste $2 billion in electricity each year
About 160 million digital video recorders and cable and other pay-TV boxes in the U.S. eat up 27 terawatt-hours of electricity a year and cost consumers about $3 billion, according to researchers from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Inactive boxes that aren’t recording or playing back shows account for about $2 billion of that cost, the study found. Hitting the off button only dims the box’s clock or display, leaving it to continue consuming nearly the same amount of power.

ALL MY CHILDREN's Debbi Morgan Talks Emmys, Cancellation and That Sony Rumor
"I'm over the moon with the nomination and so happy to be going out with such wonderful material, but the thought of never playing Angie again is too much to bear."

TV watching raises risk of health problems, dying young
In a new analysis published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers combined data from eight such studies and found that for every additional two hours people spend glued to the tube on a typical day, their risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases by 20% and their risk of heart disease increases by 15%.

Sexy, thrilling telenovela shooting all over San Antonio
The cast and crew of new Televisa Network production, DOS HOGARES (“Two Homes”), the latest series from producer Emilio Larrosa, will be shooting around San Antonio most of this week, reports Univision general manager Luis PatiƱo.

Writer-Producer Jeff Davis on Creating a Darker, Sexier 'Teen Wolf'
"The show does have a lot of action, a lot of werewolf fights and a lot of suspense and scares. We've been lucky enough to have Russell Mulcahy as well, who's given it a real cinematic look. He's a phenomenal partner in this show. He's actually turned into one of my best friends, which is quite nice to say about people you work with."

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  1. Whoopsie guess it will be death by TV for me. I wonder if that also includes watching online.