Monday, June 13, 2011

NEWS: Eva La Rue Excited, Denise Vasi, Kate Mulgrew, Alec Baldwin

Eva La Rue 'So Excited' For Her Return to ALL MY CHILDREN
La Rue said she is going back "to work tomorrow" on the iconic soap before it ends for good in September. Following her 2005 departure, Eva says she is "so excited" to be back on the soap. "I'm doing two episodes, and then I do three more episodes during the course of the summer after I go back to 'CSI,' so they're gonna let me do both."

Denise Vasi: "I Will Face The Future With Open Arms"
"You have to accept that things won’t be the same. You have to find ways to be excited about the unknown. It took an entire year for me to get acclimated with my new life because I was so focused on holding onto the old and familiar. The comfortable. Part of me feels like I wasted a year of my life sitting in opposition while a bigger part of me knows that it was the journey and transition that was necessary and most important."

Gary Brown: Demise of ALL MY CHILDREN has writer reminiscing
"A little more than 40 years ago, I was smitten, and I used the soap opera as a means to get to talk to an older woman."

Kate Mulgrew to do four-episode arc on WAREHOUSE 13
Mulgrew begins her four-episode run on the Syfy show as Warehouse protector Jane in September.

Alec Baldwin launches new website
"Once in New York, acting, and all of its rites of passage, slowly began to envelop me. I got a job on a soap opera, THE DOCTORS, at 30 Rock, the fabled NBC headquarters. I had been to acting school, and a good one, for a year. Yet, I had no idea what I was doing."

Sean Kanan says 'Our family is a benevolent dictatorship'
"Realize that you're not there to be your child's friend, you're there to be their parent. And it's not a popularity contest - your child might not always like you. As long as your child respects and loves you, that's what it's all about."

Did The BBC Defend EASTENDERS' Gay Bed Scene Just To Placate Homophobes?
"Two weeks ago, in its primetime soap EastEnders, the BBC showed resident gay couple Christian Clarke and Syed Masood in bed. On Thursday it was forced to release a public statement to defend it. This means two things: there are still viewers out there for whom homosexuality is of such concern a nod to its existence warrants complaint, and there were enough of them to require a broadcaster to feel it had to respond."

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  1. Crystal Chappel has been victimized by some seriously deranged people. I find these soap fan wars to be incredibly wasteful of time and energy.

    Blaming Chappel for the words of another person is misguided.