Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PHOTOS: Fiona Hutchison and the Final Day of The Southside

On Monday, WE LOVE SOAPS TV was on set of the upcoming film The Southside.

Photo: Kristos Andrews, Gregori J. Martin, Fiona Hutchison, Derrell Whitt

Best described as an urban and modern day The Outsiders meets critically acclaimed Good Will Hunting, The Southside is based on the true story of 19 year old Robert Areizaga Jr. who was murdered in White Plains, New York at a party in the Fall of 2010 by a vicious gang. The story follows Robert’s journey to turn his life around and become a New York police officer five months before his tragic death.

Monday was the final day of the shoot, which is being produced by LANYfilms Productions and New Universe Pictures, and directed by THE BAY's Gregori J. Martin. Emmy-nominated actress Fiona Hutchison was there playing a cop, and bringing her usual magic to any scene she's in.

The film stars THE BAY's Kristos Andrews as Robert and features and all-star cast including Miriam Colon, Cuban Link, Nicolas Coster, Derrell Whitt, Bronson Picket, Ellen Dolan, Douglas Santiago, and many more.

For more information, visit New Universe Pictures.

Photo: Fiona Hutchison poses with Derrell Whitt after completing her scenes

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