Saturday, April 30, 2011

RECAPS: This Week's Daytime Soaps

Miss one of your daytime soap favorites this week? Read the on-air summaries for April 25-29 below and catch up on viewing on the web. Then vote for your favorite in our weekly daytime soap opera poll.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Escalating her plan, Kendall pretended to show the same feelings for Ricky that he revealed to her. Kendall put out a story to Cara and Tad that Griffin had gone to Afghanistan, while he remained hidden in Pine Valley and shadowed her every time that Kendall met with Ricky. Bianca's date, Louisa, pointed out that it's clear Bianca cares about someone else, causing Bianca to realize that she's being affected by her attraction to Marissa. Erica's captor claimed that Erica doesn't know her but finally agreed to send a message to Erica's loved ones saying that she's OK. Krystal provided comfort to Jack but was embarrassed when she misinterpreted a close moment. Maya complimented Colby on her blogs while not saying anything about herself. Watch at

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: The Forresters and the Logans were distraught over what may have happened to Brooke and Thomas en route to Australia. Ridge and Taylor worked together to deal with the crisis, which brought them closer, while Thomas and Brooke shared an unusual experience that bonded them. Hope sought comfort from Liam over what happened, trying to pretend that they never had problems in the past. Taylor's fears about a possible tragedy started to overwhelm her. Steffy felt even more for Bill after seeing his willingness to help her family. Pam gave Donna marital advice about being a better wife to Justin. Watch at

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole located evidence that led her to realize that EJ and Stefano held Rafe captive in the DiMera basement. Eager to act on her discovery, Nicole raced home and saw EJ kissing Taylor. Nicole vowed revenge on her husband and sister and planned to act when she has the DNA proof. The fake Rafe accidentally found Ciara and Theo and was treated like a hero. Meanwhile, the real Rafe had a brush with death escaping the asylum guards. Jennifer and Daniel finally admitted that they care about each other and shared their first kiss. When Carly learned about Jennifer and Daniel's upcoming date, she took more pills to cover her pain. Maggie stood up for Chloe against Victor and Melanie. Watch at

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke's loved ones staged an intervention in a last-ditch effort to prevent his alcohol addiction from destroying his life. Michael lashed out at Dante when Abby was arrested for Brandon's murder. Anthony intended to use Brandon's death for his own agenda and eavesdropped as Jason presented his theory that Johnny set up Abby. Lucian went missing soon after Brenda told Suzanne of her decision to get a DNA test run on the child. Lisa drugged Kristina with more of her "herbs" and intended to get her revenge, even as Patrick was on his way home. Maxie urged Liz to tell the truth about Aiden. Watch at

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: As the battle for Ryder's custody took over the courtroom, Viki's alter egos emerged and struggled to bring her back, finally succeeding. However, having seen Viki's multiple personalities, the judge denied her custody and shocked everyone by giving temporary custody to Aubrey and Joey. When Cutter overheard Clint blaming Dorian for refusing to get him help, almost causing his death, Cutter used it to blackmail Dorian into keeping his relationship with Aubrey secret. Gigi ended up with the tape in which Marty confesses to switching Liam's paternity records. John agreed to a date with Marty, hoping to learn what she's hiding, but was caught off-guard by a kiss. On a date with Blair, Tomas managed to remove the idea of him having shot Todd, and they kissed. Watch at

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Daniel revealed to Billy that the DNA test confirmed Lucy is Daisy's daughter, and warned him about Jana and Kevin's trickery. Billy and Victoria were horrified to find Lucy gone, along with Delia and Jana. When Kevin met up with Jana, he was shocked to learn about Agnes and overjoyed to find out that Lucy is his niece. Kevin opted to go along with Jana's plan but told her that before they can have a new life together, they have to return Delia and Lucy to their parents. Victoria was stunned by Billy's confession of who Lucy's birth parents are. Admitting to Jack that she had an affair with Nick, Phyllis begged for another chance, but Jack reminded her that he already gave her one, and he's moving on. Watch at

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