Tuesday, May 10, 2011



For fans of...: TWIN PEAKS; Stephen King

What it is: Here's a serialized murder mystery that's downright artistic, yet accessible, spooky, and hip.

What's good: Lush cinematography and big-budget production values make this quirky murder mystery series look and feel like a studio film. It's familiar yet original. Having lived in Maine, we can tell you, it really is that beautiful and the natives really can be... like that.

What's great: RAGGED ISLE has the courage of it's convictions (it's odd and proud). So we grant you, it's not for everyone. But if you make it to the end of the first webisode, it's for you, and you're in for an online adventure that really shouldn't be so fun, given that it is so, so unnerving (and scary!)

What could be better: A bit more storytelling could be tucked in here and there. And every once in awhile, the stylized acting as “acting” is overdone (granted, it's a hard needle to thread). Overall, if they pull off a satisfying resolution of the overall narrative arc, such minor flaws will be forgiven and Ragged Isle will earn itself an A+.

Addictive like...: American Spirits

Grade: A

Review based on: Season 1, Webisodes 1-9

See for yourself!
- Official Website - RaggedIsle.com
- RAGGED ISLE on YouTube

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  1. Thanks for reviewing our series Kevin! Sounds like you get it! I hope fans of We Love Soaps TV give us a chance. We are proud of our soapy roots and wear our hearts firmly on our sleeves. Just curious, where-a-bouts in Maine have you lived?

  2. Many thanks for the review! We're thrilled with the recognition from We Love Soaps TV. Great site!

    Stay tuned for Season Two. The best is yet to come!

  3. Maine is on board: http://www.pressherald.com/life/go/ragged-isle-web-series-blends-beauty-with-spooky_2010-12-23.html

  4. Barry, I lived in Northeast Harbor (MDI) for four months in 1997 and more recently (2009) in Ogunquit (in a cabin near Footbridge Beach). If you plan on visiting NYC let us know and maybe we can collaborate on a screening?

  5. Cool Kevin! We've got some shots from Bar Harbor in the show. I will definitely let you know if we're in the area. A screening in NY would be amazing!!! Thanks again for the review and for all the support that your website has given us over the season.

  6. Your review of Ragged Isle is dead on target!

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