Tuesday, May 10, 2011

REVIEW: DEVANITY--Did Dominick Dunne finally lose it?

Web Series: DEVANITY

For fans of...: GOSSIP GIRL; Dominick Dunne; TMZ

What it is: Four ex-orphans inherit a business empire from Dad and misbehave accordingly.

What's good: Juicy and well-crafted. The direction is almost its own character, subtly satirizing the all-too-familiar E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY trope.

What's great: All the fun of watching smug, hot, young messes implode, but with none of the guilt. Cast is young and fun and almost too good at floating breezily through their ongoing dissolution—should we be concerned?

What could be better: We look forward to the enhancement of production values as well as the maturation of expository dialogue that will come with experience. Not sure yet if it's a drama or dramedy... but that's okay.

Addictive like...: We think we have to say cocaine

Grade: B

Review based on: Season 1, Episodes 1-2

See for yourself!
- Official Website - DeVanity.com
- DEVANITY on YouTube

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