Friday, May 6, 2011

Nielsen: Understanding the Modern American Mom

Caretakers. Breadwinners. Couponers. Social networkers. Decision makers. Roughly 34 percent of American households are home to kids under 18, and modern moms wear many hats and play many roles.  In honor of Mother’s Day, The Nielsen Company has taken a look at the “modern mom.” What’s she watching? Where does she spend her time and money online? What are her primary interests?

Ad Darlings
While a top draw for marketers, moms can be hard to reach. In broadcast primetime, ad recall levels are 8 percent lower among moms 25-54 than non-moms of the same age and the general population. Nielsen has found that the ads that resonate most with moms are often family- and convenience-oriented with relatable characters/situations, sentimental tonality and good natured humor. A heavy focus on products/services tends to reduce ad effectiveness among moms.  For moms, the 30-second sitcom (or drama) might just snag her much-divided attention.

Social Butterflies
Moms with kids under 18 are 19 percent more likely than the general population to engage in social networking, and even more likely to become a fan or follow a brand (31% more likely), become a fan or follow a celebrity (24% more likely) and comment on others postings (27% more likely).  Moms account for one-fourth of all video streams occurring on social networks, and are also more likely to post their own content:
  • photos (37% more likely)
  • links/articles/videos (25%)
  • status updates (33%)
Using the Internet for personal communication is also very high among mothers, with moms 37 percent more likely to send/receive invites online, 17 percent more likely to use instant messaging and 14 percent more likely to make/receive voice calls online.

Moms make up more than one-fifth of online video viewers and spent an average of 258 minutes viewing online video in March 2011.  Compared to the overall usage in the US, Moms spent 25% more time, about 52 minutes longer on average, viewing online video from Home PCs.

Savvy Shoppers
Households with kids under 18 might make up a third of U.S. households, yet they are responsible for roughly half of all purchases of cereal, juice, fresh meat and prepared food (dry mixes).  Moms also overindex for shopping for groceries online.

However, when it comes to general shopping online, they are on par with other online adults. Moms are more likely to shop for media items: books (11% more likely than the adult online population), magazines (20%), digital music (15%), video games (7%).  On the flipside, they tend to shy away from any investment shopping (53% less likely).  They under-trend for shopping for stocks, credit reports, mutual funds and money markets.

Reality Stars
For the 2010-2011 season, reality TV programs have been the big winners among women ages 25-54 in broadcast primetime.  In fact, the top four broadcast programs women ages 25-54 watched were reality TV as were half of the top 20 shows watched by this audience.  Football also made the top 10, which isn’t that surprising since the NFL Regular Season has seen a steady increase in its female fan base over the years.

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  1. I don't think they have a clue understanding the American Mom. We want our soaps back and will stop buying products advertized during their replacement shows.