Monday, May 9, 2011

NEWS: Colleen Zenk, Daytime TV Landscape, Telenovelas, Hoff

Colleen Zenk to appear at cancer center
Zenk, best known as Barbara Ryan on the daytime drama AS THE WORLD TURNS, will discuss her battle with oral cancer during a community health event Tuesday at Somerset Medical Center’s Steeplechase Cancer Center. The free program will begin at 7 p.m. at the cancer center, at 30 Rehill Ave. in Somerville.

After Oprah leaves, daytime TV may never be the same again
Societal and demographic changes are at the heart of daytime TV's upheaval.

"There is a transition going on in daytime television, and it is a generational change," said Ken Werner, president of Warner Bros. domestic television distribution.

A wave of women flooding the workforce has been accompanied by a rise in the popularity of shows featuring women in charge of their lives — and influencing others.

Staple soap opera themes of women in jeopardy or navigating relationships has given way to role models such as Winfrey power brokering presidential candidates on her show, upscale female professionals crossing swords on THE VIEW, and litigants submitting to justice dispensed by a stern 68-year-old school-marm-in-a-lace-collar on JUDGE JUDY.

"Our core viewing audience has been the baby boomer generation, people who are very loyal to their schedules," said John Nogawski, president of CBS Television Distribution. "If they grew up watching Channel 4, they still watch Channel 4."

But people under 35 aren't as dependable. "They are more fickle," Nogawski said. "Their loyalty — even to the medium of television — isn't as strong."

Slippery slope for soaps
"An outsider may not understand, but if you've grown up with the soap, it makes perfect sense that Llanview not only has two daily papers but also an airport with direct international flights to everywhere, even tiny islands in the Pacific and countries that don't exist. Unlike most sprawling international airports, every flight leaves from the same gate, and a ticket counter is conveniently located right next to said gate. There's never a need to get to the airport until the final boarding call, and there's never a hassle with security."
GLAAD: Latinos Are More Open To Accepting LGBT Family & Friends
"What we're finding in our research at GLAAD, is that Latinos are as, or more, supportive of marriage equality. And it's because Latinos understand the value of family and how important it is to have that family at the center of our culture. It doesn't mean social taboos are erased overnight — what it means is that Latinos are open to supporting the equality of their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friends, family, and neighbors."

Telenovelas are addicting?
"In high school, I watched AS THE WORLD TURNS. Ten years later, I tuned in again and picked up where I left off. Novelas, however, move fast, lasting only a few months."

San Antonio to star in novela
DOS HOGARES, a daring new venture by Mexican producer Emilio Lar-rosa, will star RBD sensation Anahí and Puerto Rican heartthrob Carlos Ponce in a love mystery that unfolds across the border. Though the majority of the scenes will be shot in various locations around Mexico, 25 percent of the plot will occur in San Antonio.

David Hasselhoff Confronts Piers Morgan Over Drunken Cheeseburger Video
Hasselhoff said, "I guess it goes with the territory but the sad part about it is that no one gives a damn about me being an alcoholic or my daughter. They give a damn about a pay check."

Armenia: Lead actor THE COST OF LIFE soap opera involved in car accident in Yerevan
Ashot Matevosyan, 26, who stars as Aram Rubinyan, as well as Tamara Abajyan, 29, and Anahit Baghdasaryan, were taken to Armenia medical centre. Baghdasaryan’s health state is critical, she is in intense care department, photo journalist Gagik Shamshyan told Armenian

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